Third Attrition Contest
Pickup Lines of the Damned
Sat Apr 14 11:57:34 MDT 2001
Jericho & Munge

We've all seen various lists of cheezeball pickup lines. While some are pretty humorous and great party conversation, they just aren't grade A material that we want.

So, our third contest. Pickup Lines of the Damned!

We want to hear the most obnoxious pickup line you can think of. Ones that cast aside all sense of self respect.. that will ensure physical violence.. that will make that sissy Howard Stern turn in his grave. These are the lines you use to shock those stuck up losers that think they are worth the time of day.

On the side, feel free to mail us stories about your worst pickup line stories. Good ones may be put up along with the results. Anonymity will be provided if needed. And please don't mail us the good stories, we don't care if you picked up three girls and ended up having four days of marathon sex as a result.

Mail pickmeup[at] with your best pickup line.