Why HTML Sucks

HTML is supposed to be superior? A way to do nice formatting and "mark up" of
text and images for browsers right? What exactly is a "mark up" language? Well,
HTML tag designers gave us 'pre' tags for a reason. Because they are ignorant. 

Proof in the form of a challenge:

Without using tables, or 'pre' tags: give me a single line that will align three
words; "one" left justified, "two" center justified, and "three" right
justified. The line must be under 80 characters or I could do it with spaces. It
needs to work for my Netscape 3.04 on Win95. Before you bitch, I could load
Netscape .96 beta (installed because it is much faster than 3.04) and make that
a qualification. Fact is, many people still use 3.x. If you are really good,
this will work fine in LYNX too. I refuse to run MSIE or I would make a standard
version of that a challenge as well. [Addendum: Since so many people told me
this was trivial in NS 4.x, I told them it had to work for us 3.x types.  That
means it needs to work in BOTH 3.x and 4.x. I say this because one person
claimed to have come up with a solution but said it didn't work in 4.x .. funny,
he and half a dozen others have CLAIMED to solve this, yet no one has mailed me
the code.]

It is sad that two channels full of hackers, HTML designers, and hobbyists 
couldn't figure this out. More sad is that flat ascii and any text editor 
can do this while HTML can't with its native tags. There is no reason in the
world why a table should be needed for such a simple formatting, one that
the tag designers TRIED to implement.

HTML Sucks

Failed Attempts:

onetwothree (doesn't align)

one          two           three
left       centered        right
justified    text      justified
(more than 80 chars)

justified    text      justified








One TwoThree