Fourth Attrition Contest
NEW DATE Sat Sep 2 02:30:43 MDT 2000
Jericho & Munge

Your at this social function called a 'party' and it isn't too festive or enjoyable. You are surrounded by self-righteous upper middle class yuppy scum. Crappy music, mediocre wine and the worst conversation you could possibly imagine. The obvious thing to do? Kill the conversation in one witty moment.

So.. here it is. What is the most vile, rude, insulting thing you can come up with to say? What is the most socially unacceptable words you could utter to shut them up and shock them into next week?

Send it in.. you won't offend us. Trust us, with Munge around, you'd have a hard time making him blink he is so vile and evil.

(These can be jokes, sayings, stories or whatever.)

Mail convo[at] with your solution.