Sixth Attrition Contest Announcement: Missing Bush Caption

Sat Feb 15 14:49:02 EST 2003

We've all seen many of the wonderful expressions of George Bush. Missing with these silly faces are the clever captions that tell us what George is saying or thinking. So.. provide a caption for the following picture!

"I wonder if anyone would mind if I invaded canada?"


After many weeks of taking submissions, our judges have reached their decision on the top three captions for this picture.

From Natikcon: "I wonder if anyone would mind if I invaded canada?"

From David Timerman: "i can too find iraq on the map :("

From: Apacid: "Why does this motherfucker have to eat broccoli and beans the night before every big meeting?!"

Runners Up:

Robert G. Ferrell: "But all the *other* presidents get to bomb Iraq. It's not fair. I never get to do *anything*!"

Joel Pearson: "yeah..I'd fuck her."

Apacid: "Slick Willie gets blowjobs, I get fucked by terrorists...."

Dan Halsey: "Leader of the free world and the kids STILL pick on me!!"

James Conerly: "Why did Clinton get all the good interns."

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