Fifth Attrition Contest (Attrition Acronym) Results

In no particular order, here are the submissions for the ATTRITION acronym contest. Overall, i'm very pleased with the submissions. Not only some fun acronyms, but the witty comments that accompany them are great. "So what do I win? Sledgehammer to the nuts? Kewl..." adds a lot of flavor to a garden variety attrition contest.

Entries that begin with ++ were chosen by various staff members as the best of the best.

Another Tribute To Really Insult The Ignorance Of Numbskulls
- Andrew Dugdell (dugie[at]


Here's my attempt at an acronym for Attrition:

Abnormal, Thoughtful and Theological Ramblings Implying 
Technologically Innovative, Ontological Nerds

- robert (robert[at]


Attrition means:

++ Animosity Towards Totally Ridiculous Idiots 
Touting Invulnerable Open Networks   

A Truely Tastless Retribution Inside Todays Idiotic Other News(sites)

Always Tactfully Teasing Readers Into Touching Intoto Oneself Nastily

- Steve Prakope (sprakope[at]


Attrition Tells Those Retarded Idiots To Investigate Overt Necrophilia

whoever said hangovers impeded productivity

- fwhite (fwhite[at]


All Told, They're Really Into Ticking-off Information Overlords Nation-wide

- Anonymous


Attrition's Tit Tingling Rear Itching Tons of Icky Orange Nog

...or, at least that's what it's always been like to me!

- Sam Kennedy (sam[at]


"A Tried-True Read If They Ignore Our Negativity."
(does the hypen-thing count?  errrr...)

"As They Thought, Real Idiots Thunk. It's Obviously Nothing."

"A Top Tier Really Inventive Thinktank In Our Nation"

Last one:

"Anally Tight Tipsy Rogues In Trouble Idolizing Omaha Nebraska"
(I'm close to Omaha... sue me...)

So what do I win?  Sledgehammer to the nuts?  Kewl...

- Jushin Lyger (jlyger[at]


Achromatic Technical Taunting Resilient In The Insanity Of Nihilism

- geekgrl 


Attrition Tirelessly Throws Riotous Insults Towards Incompetent, Obtuse Netadmins.

- Anthony Brown (tonan999[at]


Attrition Tastes Too Rancid In The Innards Of Networks

I think it's a very well fitting appropriate acronym. But then again I was
sniffing glue earlier so maybe it's not (gas fumes are so much better, don't
give that glue hangover).

- 0ptiKaL I1usioN (optikali1usion[at]


Okay, I got one for ya.  This is not how I think of Attrtion, just to let you know. :)

All Talk, Tatter, Rubbish, Idiocy, Tomfoolery, Ignorance, Obfuscation & Nonsense

- Brendan Harris (bharris[at]


A Tediously Trivial Refinement In The Institution Of Narcotics

- shadow[at]


AT&T Really Isn't That Intelligent Or Nice

- Christopher Whipple (crw[at]


Most of these stray from the point of the competition and some are well,
just pretty crap but you may like one or two of them.
A Troublesome Team Rips Into Totally Ineffectual Organisations Non-stop
Attrition's Testy Tribe Ribaldly Insult Technological Idiots Or Numpties
Argumentitive Throughout Tough Rogues Invite Trouble Impulsively Offering Nastiness
Attritions' Troubled Team Ride Into Town Insanity Overcomes Normality
Attrition Throws Tantrums Regularly Instantly Turning Into Old Nazis

- Ross Hamilton (Ross.Hamilton[at]

What if ATTRITION was an acronym?

All The Troops Rushed Into The Iron Ore Nark

And The True Reason Is To Ignore Only Names

Ask Tim To Ruin It Today Instead Of Never

All The Teams Really Ignore Top Informative Opinions Now

- theINFORMANT (Rupsw32[at]


A Tiresome Tale Regarding Ignorant Teenagers Intruding (on) Other Networks

- DrGonzo (DrGonzo[at]


Attrition Tends To Recieve Idiotic Telecomunnitive Inqueries Over (the) Net



All These Troglodytes Really Itching To Irritate Omniscient Null

Assholes That Take Rydalin Inquire To Invade Off-site Networks

Armored Tanks Terrorize Ridiculous Imbeciles That Interrupt Omega's Nap

- Kung Lao (atl_ninja[at]


*Ahem* Attrition:

Always Trouble To Report Incidents (of) Truth In Outlined Narratives

- (fell[at]


A.T.T.R.I.T.I.O.N :  the acronym is a definition

ATTRITION - The Transforming Robotic Individual Trained for Infiltration and Online Nullification.

- Clayton Gore (clayton_gore[at]


I love I want it to have my children........

++ All Things That Really Irritate The Idiots Operating Networks  

- ACG981[at]


Antisocial Thugs Reproaching Real Individuals Touting Injurious Offensive Negativity

[no accounting for spelling]

Antisocial Thugs That Reproach Individuals Touting Injurious Offensive Negativity

- Cindy Larason (clarason[at]


Attempting To Theive Root Indicates Transgressive Intrusion On Netservers

Adolecent Thickwits Try Rooting  Irix To Impress Other Nimrods

Art Technotrash Tommyguns Ranting Informative Tawdry Inciting Original Noteworthy

Assinine Twits Try Regurgitating Idiocy To Irritate Omega & Null

Attrtition Trys To Raise Intelligence To Inform Online Netadmins

yea.. they suck.. but i blame it entirely on a 5 liter box of franzia wine.

- freeflyer[at]


My 10 minute attempt to come up with something intelligent.

If i win, can you fill my  mailbox with Porn? Thanks!


Attrition Tries To Rebut Idiotic Teens In Offensive Natures

Another Tribute To Retarded Ill-conceived Teens In Our Name

Accept The Truth Retard Impeding The Intelligence Offers Nothing

++ Another Trashy Tribute Read Intensely To Improve Open Networks 

Amoral Tyrants Trying Really Intensely To Improve Obfuscated Nitwits

++ Attrition Tries To Rectify Idiots That Intelligence Obviously Neglected 

Asperity Tartness Things Relayed To Idiots Offering Nonsense

- Eman (4u21der[at]


Attitude Tends To Really Irritate Technically Inept Obnoxious Newbies

- .sioda. (sioda[at]


Attrition's The True Religion In This Insanely Onerous Nation

- Cancer Omega (comega[at]

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