The staff has attempted to perform a comparison analysis
between the HTML stylings of hacker groups HFG and ULG. The resulting
similarities are practically non-existant with the exception the HTML
elements and attributes in the HTML of both groups are all lowercase.
Couple that conclusion with the fact that there are only 10 known HFG
defacements and only 4 recorded ULG defacements and there is hardly enough
proof to perform an accurate forensic analysis on HTML markup, style,
design or layout.

In comparing the Web sites of both HFG and ULG, there are several factors
that need to be examined:

1) Content
2) Graphics
3) HTML elements and Attributes

Content-wise, most of HFG's defacements include letters in all caps,
several instances of "elite speak" and black background with white text. 

ULG's content is colorful text on colorful backgrounds with pattern-matched
graphics. Text is normal with the first letter in the first word of
sentences capitalized. No evidence of elite speak.

HFG's use of  HTML is minimal and besides a few <P> and <HR> elements,  the
<PRE> element is prominent with several uses of comments. Minus the content
of the actual comments, the core HTML of each HFG defacement appears to be
the same.

ULG, on the other hand, has different layouts with each defacement. There
are several instances of style-based HTML elements including <TT>, <B>,
<FONT> and where HFG used the <PRE> element, ULG utilized <TABLE> and
related elements to achieve a more streamlines layout. ULG's defacements
are also startlingly without comment - something which HFG cannot claim.
HFG's comments almost double the amount of HTML elements used in their
defacements. Finally, while HFG made a point that their images had ALT
attributes, ULG defacements do not.

This analysis was performed by staff member McIntyre who has
had over 5 years professional experience in Web architecture and development. 


To help illustrate the completely different styles of HFG and ULG:

  extensive html comments
  <BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" TEXT="#FFFFFF" LINK="#FF0000">
  <img src="hfglogo.jpg" border=0 alt="HFG 0WNS">	(alt attributes)
  (no use of h3 or like elements)
  <TD ALIGN=CENTER>Contact us at <A HREF=""><B></B></A>
  (no font color, face, or size tags)
  (no use of <b>)
  (no use of <table>)
  (no use of &nbsp)
  (no use of 'color' tags)

  little to no html comments
  <body bgcolor="white" text="004a4a">
  <img src="ulg3.jpg">					(no alt attributes)
  <p><h3><center>                                       (use of h3 element)
  <p align="right">
  <font color="#003139" face="arial" size=5>
  <p><b><tt>  						(3 uses of <b>)
  </table>						(2 uses of tables)
  &nbsp							(2 uses of &nbsp)
  font and td color					(6 uses of 'color')