PRESS RELEASE                                           SEPTEMBER 15, 1999
On this date, John Vranesevich of AntiOnline (
published a news article on the AntiOnline site which claimed that members
of the Attrition staff ( are or were involved in
criminal activities as perpetrated by hack groups called "United Loan 
Gunmen" (ULG) and "Hacking For Girlies" (HFG).  Sites breached by these 
groups include both NASDAQ/AMEX and the New York Times.
The wanton disregard for accuracy, fairness and balance in AntiOnline's
article compels us to respond.  The staff of Attrition.Org will no longer
tolerate these unwarranted attacks on our site and the character of our
support staff.  These most recent remarks by AntiOnline are not only
inflammatory, but serve to jeopardize the full-time careers of more than
one staff member of Attrition.Org.
We seek to demonstrate, beyond all question, that Attrition.Org, her
staff and her administrators are in no way involved in any criminal
activities.  We also seek to demonstrate, using nothing but the facts of
these incidents, that there is no credible basis for the linking of ULG,
HFG and the Attrition name.
We invite the media to note our thorough debunking of AntiOnline's crass
attempts at defamation of the character of Attrition and her staff.

Details and Proof

- Attrition Staff