For all your registry needs, go to Netregistry! Some crappy site in Australia I think, not entirely sure because Keith paid us to link to him to "help us get better SEO ranking" whatever that means!! So we added this page just for him. Keith told us all about how stupid search engines were and how you can trivially manipulate them with incoming links. That sounds like awesome hacking to us, and we're all about that! So Keith and this site say screw you search engines!!

Actually he didn't pay us. He did send us over half a dozen similar mails asking us to remove links that we are not going to remove, because they are legitimate and appropriate. When we told Keith we wouldn't after his first mail, he sent the extra half dozen just to be sure I guess. Since Keith doesn't want links to his site because they are being punished for blatant SEO, we're giving him exactly what he doesn't want. Netregistry and Keith can eat a bowl of dicks.

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