[98.07.20]  [psychic]               Our First Time (www.ourfirsttime.com)
[99.01.07]  [psychic]               Purdue School of Management (mgmt.purdue.edu)
[99.01.07]  [psychic]               Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic (www.concourt.sk)
[99.01.29]  [psychic]               Varsity Blues Movie Page (www.varsitybluesmovie.com)
[99.02.20]  [psychic]             K 200 Cigarettes Movie Page (www.200cigarettes.com)
[99.02.21]  [psychic]           M   Easy Internet Orgnization (www.eia.or.jp)
[99.02.21]  [psychic]           M   IP Switch Software (www.ipswitch.com)
[99.02.24]  [psychic]               PoopSex (www.poopsex.com)
[99.02.27]  [psychic]               St. Paul Public Library (www.stpaul.lib.mn.us)
[99.02.28]  [psychic]               Dominos Pizza (www.dominos.com)
[99.02.28]  [psychic]               KSTP Channel 5 (www.kstp.com)
[99.02.28]  [psychic]           M   Intensive Networks Limited (www.intensive.net)
[99.03.04]  [psychic]               Lewinsky Domain reserved for her (www.monicalewinsky.com)
[99.03.13]  [psychic]               Ebay Online (ebay.com)
[99.03.13]  [psychic]           M   Bonwell Globalnet ISP (www.bonwell.com)
[99.03.15]  [psychic]               AdRealm (www.adrealm.com)
[99.03.16]  [psychic]               Retail Control Systems(www.retailcontrolsystems.com)
[99.03.21]  [psychic]           M   Internet Communication Network, Corp (www.iexplorer.com)
[99.03.24]  [psychic]           M K MiTrompo Planilla de Inscripción (www.sik.net)
[99.03.31]  [psychic]               The Force (www.theforce.net)
[99.04.02]  [psychic]               University of Maryland (www.umd.edu)
[99.04.19]  [psychic]               Appraisal Subcommittee of the Fed. Financial Inst. Exam. Council (www.asc.gov)
[99.05.11]  [psychic]               Lightning Computers Inc. (www.lcpages.com)
[99.05.12]  [psychic]               Cyber Flirt (www.cyberflirt.net)
[99.05.15]  [psychic]               Community Services Online Systems (www.csos.net)
[99.05.15]  [psychic]               Travel Maxima (www.funmax.com)
[99.05.21]  [psychic]               Y2K Answer (www.y2kanswer.com)
[99.05.23]  [psychic]               Holsey (www.holsey.com)
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