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This Page Was Hacked By StLSD2000!!!
Aren't I elite??!
Now that you realize how elite I am to hack the lame excuse this site has for security let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm am so elite that I ordered an MCI CALLING CARD to RBCP'S home and it's going to be soooo big that I bet it will arrive to him in a refridgerator box. I'm so sure of that that I decided to call him last night and tell him so. I also went on IRC and drop his calling card info into all the hacker channels so a bunch of hackers would use his card and that way I'd REALLY show that RBCP guy!!@#$ Check out how I did this on this IRC log below, it's kewl!!

× Whois: texan-
× Address: Sally@cm701739-b.ftwrth1.tx.home.com
× Name: Sally Rhokes
× Channels: #lsd #phreaker
× Server: irc.home.com - @Home@IRC (doncha wish you had a cablemodem too?)
× End of Whois

rX» texan- (Sally@cm701739-b.ftwrth1.tx.home.com) has joined #pla

(texan-) 618-462-6481-9742 <---- RBCP's calling card, use it for
all your long distance pleasures

 Do me a favor tex,  don't paste stupid shit like that
while i'm around.

(texan-) 618-462-6481-9742 <---- RBCP's mci calling card, use it for
all your long distance pleasures

rX» texan- (Sally@cm701739-b.ftwrth1.tx.home.com) has left #pla
Here is a picture of the calling cards we ordered for him, won't he be surprised!! You can click on it to see a larger view.

don't bitch Carl, you ASKED me to do this

Now I bet your asking yourself why I ordered a calling card for Mr. RBCP. Well I used to be looked up to by all the little red boxers on RBCP's old forum as The Guy Who Knows Everything About Red Boxing. But that pussy RBCP decided that he would censor us and made it so we couldn't post ANY numbers on his forum. Well this pissed me off because my name is StLSD2000 and without numbers I couldn't sign my elite signature. Well my name is really Carl Harper but you know what I mean. Anyway I got really pissed and starting setting up Sprint confs and bridging on RBCP with my elite op-diverting 3-way calling skills and we made fun of him for being a bitch. One night we decided to really show that RBCP so we third party billed a few calls to his home so he would have to pay for them. RBCP doesn't have any money so this would probably really hurt their finances and poor old Emily wouldn't be able to go to college because they'd have to pay their phone bills. Hah hah hah hah! Here's what RBCP saw on his phone bill:
5-29 1:27am
318-234-6233 to 818-994-4591 18 minutes $18.45

5-15 11:11am
818-994-4591 to 618-288-1281 70 minutes $47.05
Hehehehe, I was silly and third party billed the calls from my dad's office. The first guy I called was my friend Corey in Van Nuys, CA. You can call him too and ask him what a little bitch RBCP is. THEN my friend Corey got all excited and called his friend Joey in Glen Carbon, IL. But after RBCP called Joey they got their number changed to 618-288-1918 on June 30th or so. Joey doesn't like RBCP either and he'll tell you too!

So anyway RBCP being the little bitch that he is called up my dad at work and told on me! What a tattle-tale! The nerve! My dad is a doctor and I look up to him as my role model in life. He's a great guy and you should know more about him. Here's a peek:

318-234-6233 is where I called RBCP from which was a secondary line at the office.
Donald C. Harper M. D.
913 South College Road #260
Lafayette, LA
Their main number is 318-234-5995.

318-993-8625 is old number at 211 Timothy Drive where he lived. He still owes $1,271.02 on it. I ran up the bill and stupid daddy won't pay the damn bill. Come on dad, you're a DOCTOR!

DONALD C HARPER's social security number is 462-90-5095 and his birthdate is 1/3/51. He's old! But so is that RBCP guy. Anyway enough about dad. RBCP sucks. So I decided since he called my dad and reported me I would really show him and that's why I ordered the calling card for him. I also set up a toll-free number on RBCP's home line so everyone can call him and he's gotta pay for it! HAH! I bet RBCP won't have a phone after next month...

I should now demand that all hackers pay their respects to me because I'm so cool to have done this to RBCP. If you feel like it please call my house tonight at 214-219-7107 and ask for me. My name is Carl and my mom's name is Kay. She hates RBCP too and usually hangs up when he calls here. If you live in the Dallas area visit my home at 4704 Abbott Ave, Apt. #119. Contrary to popular belief, I do NOT live on Mockingbird Lane.

Some gay person called up Southwestern Bell today and they got the lady there to fax a copy of our $410.64 September bill to their fax machine so now they know every number I called during September. Man that sucks!! They also see that I made a LOT of operator assisted calls to Wedgewood and Edgecliff as well as to 800 numbers. Man I'd like to know who did that to me but I can't figure out where they faxed the bill to!

If you're not able to call me in the evenings then you can call me at school! Just dial 214-523-1700 and ask for Carl and they'll run right over and pull me out of class. I'm an important guy there although my grades could stand to improve a little.

Ah right, enough goofing. Click here to enter the real PLA site.