Other					Top Level Doms
~~~~~					~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
NASA (*.nasa.gov)			Military (*.mil)
Police Departments			Educational Institutions (*.edu)
Littleton CO Massacre			Commercial (*.com)
NATO/Kosovo/Serbian			Network (*.net) 
Free Kevin				Government (*.gov)
Mass Hacks				Army (*.army.mil)
Hacking For ...				Navy (*.navy.mil)
Churches				Japan (*.jp)

HiP					DigiAlmty
Crime Boys				Coolio
hV2k					CHC
dr_fdisk^				gLobaLheLL
#feed-the-goats				Forpaxe
h4g1s					HcV
HFG (Hacking For Girlies)		KPZ
LevelSeven				LOU (Legions of the Underground)
milw0rm					Moskos Sex HT
Moscow Security Team			No|d
Pentaguard				p0g0
'psychic' (irc.psychic.com)		Raza Mexicana
Redemption				Stonehenge Crew
Team Sploit				zo0mer
Hi-Tech Hate				HFD
V00d00					ne0h
Mozy					Defiance
Xoloth			 		Hacking For Britney
AntiChrist				Fallen Angels
bl0w team				Keebler Elves
Analognet				777
Code Zero