Defacement Statistics
January, 1999 - Decmeber, 2000

Updated through December, 31st. Yup, that's it.

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Cumulative Total Comparison, 1999 vs. 2000

Defacements per Day, Linear Regression

Defacements per Day, Over All Mean

Defacements per Month

Monthly Min/Median/Max of Defacements Per Day

1999 vs. 2000 Daily Cumulative Total Comparison:

Annual Cumulative Totals

1999: Green, 2000: Purple

Defacements per Day, January 1999 through December, 2000: Linear Regression:

Defacements per Day, Linear Regression

(The green line is a fitted linear regression)

Defacements per Day, January 1999 - December 2000:

Defacements per Day

(Note the Gap in Mid-January 2000 -- Attrition Down Time.
The gap just before the "Sep00" label was when Attrition Staff attended Defcon)

Monthy Totals, January 1999 through December, 2000 :

Defacements per Month

Monthly Minimum, Median, Maximum Defacements per Day :
January, 1999 through December, 2000

Yellow: Minumum, White: Median, Orange: Maximum

First read the main statistics notes if you haven't already.

The intent of this page is to illustrate overall trends in defacements regardless of webserver or OS platform. One aspect of that is that we have more data, since we're not restricted to when we began collecting OS and webserver data (August 1999), but restrict the time range from January 1999 to the present.

I have done away with the histogram, which apparently caused more confusion than clarity. If someone is seriously interested in histograms of the data, drop me a line, as I still produce them for internal usage. I have replaced the histograms with a min/median/max graph that is probably more meaningful to the average reader, and is easier to read in any event.

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