ATTRITION Web Page Hack Mirror

For reference and posterity sake. And we are tired of having to visit thirty-two sites to reference these. Having them in one location is nice. Thanks goes out to the Flashback, Resistance, DutchThreat, and Onething staff in particular. Material here was most certainly borrowed from their sites. They rule.


Formerlly maintained by: jericho, null, and munge

ATTRITION previously ran a mail list for announcing these hacks as we find out about them. The list is no longer maintained.

Other Mirrors:

ATTRITION would like to thank McIntyre, Punkis, HNN,, and the various archives listed for some of the mirrors here. The above listed mirrors have consistently contributed to the mirror here in the form of missing mirrors, email warnings of hacked sites, and more. Without them, this mirror would not be what it is today.

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