=  F.U.C.K. - Fucked Up College Kids - Born Jan. 24th, 1993 - F.U.C.K.  =

                                Looking Back I

        Welp. This is the 25th F.U.C.K. file. After every 24 files, there
will be one that will tell about the past files, what they contain,
who they were written by, include a current member list, and a current
distribution list. This is the first of course.

Where it all - Written by Dam and Doc. Z. This is a basic file that
begins       - describes the general idea behind the files, and what
             - is being attempted with each file.

Shock Value  - Written by Dam, with help from Loki. Have fun at the 
             - expense of others as simple sentences can shock the hell
             - out of people, and make them react quite nicely.

Laziness     - Written by Dam. America has become a nation of lazy 
             - welps, that are no better than sloths. Realize how bad
             - people have become and how it affects us.

Those Closed - Written by Doc. Z. Tells of a small runin with ignorance
College Boys - and how it was dealt with. Even at the college level,
             - it can't be avoided.

The Backyard - Written by Dam. A small reminder to all BBSers, that
             - getting access to any board should not be a major event
             - and that BBSing is a hobby. Don't take it so seriously.

Anthology I  - Compiled by Dam. Over the years, I have collected all
             - sorts of interesting quotes and sayings, and have compiled
             - them here for you.

Users        - Written by Dam. More ovbservations on users in general
             - and some guidelines if you are new to BBSing.

Journalism   - Compiled by Dam. Witness how journalism isn't as open
at its       - minded as you think. Freedom of the press is just another
Finest       - joke and popular saying.

The N.S.A.   - Compiled by Dam. Some basic facts about the National
             - Security Administration, and how large it is, despite
             - the fact so many people don't realize it exists.

Just Some    - Written by Zach D. A brief fictional story, that puts many
Wildly       - of life's little things in perspective, and helps you 
Obscure      - realize that you might not have as much control in your
Fiction      - life as you may think.

That Social  - Written by Dam. Some insight into how frats are viewed 
Thang        - by many, and looked down upon by some.

Money, Bleh  - Written by Dam. Money and how it rears its ugly head,
             - and makes life miserable.

Good         - Written by Dam. Thoughts on good and evil, and walking
vs.          - the path of each. How it could affect you, and how it
Evil         - helps you as well as hurts you.

Sysops       - Written by Dam. Some opinions of what sysops should do,
             - and what they shouldn't do to help the BBSing community.

Fiction,     - Fiction by Dam. Another fictional story of how one pissed
Take 1       - off employee gets his revenge on the ignorant yuppies.

A Guide to   - Written by Max Headroom. A simple guide to shoplifting,
Shoplifting  - and how to get away with it.

Evolution    - Written by Dam. Sit back and observe evolution in front
             - of you whether you realize it or not.

Zany Fedz    - Written by Dam. Questions and thoughts on the fedz, and
             - their pursuit of dangerous hackers, and why they think
             - they will get away with it.

Posting      - Written by Dam. Ideas and observations on the public
             - posting around Lubbock, and what to do about it.

Real Life    - Written by Dam. Don't believe BH 90201, and Class of '96.
- School     - This is what it is REALLY like in school.

General      - General information about the F.U.C.K. files, how to become
Information  - a writer for F.U.C.K. and how to become a distribution site.

The Dream    - Written by Dam. Who is really in control? How much do they
             - control? A little fiction to question just that.

---------    - Written by Dam. Censorship.

Computer     - Written by Overdriver. Just some funny words to put with
Sniglets     - those occasions we all experience sitting in front of
             - the computers.

                          F.U.C.K. Member List

- Dam          - Writer/Co-Founder
- Doc. Z       - Writer (inactive)
- Zach D       - Writer (inactive)
- Max Headroom - Writer
- Overdriver   - Writer
- Acid Warlock - ANSI/Ascii Advertiser

                          F.U.C.K. Distribution Sites
      Board Name        Number       Sysop            Status
      ----------        ------       -----            ------
- Immortal Hate      806.745.8879  Damanstian        World HQ              
- Ionic Destruction  215.722.0570  Phatal Error      Eastern HQ            
- PcI                806.794.1438  PsI               NUP: ORWELL WAS RIGHT 
- Purple Hell        806.791.0747  Acid Warlock      Dist.                 

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