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                                The Dream

        It was a typical day the other day, like usual, I woke up sometime
after noon and squinted as my eyes adjusted to the sun coming in through
the window. Same room each day that I woke up to. It was quite spartan, just
a chest of drawers, table, bookshelf, and footlocker. Two framed posters,
a cork bulletin board, and a monthly 'planit' board behind my door. No use
in decorating a room I only sleep in. With an audible sigh, I walked out
into the hallway, into my bathroom and took a quick shower. Got out, dressed,
put in my contacts, and headed for the kitchen. The rooms to either side of
the kitchen were fairly dark with the shades closed, and the TV was off.
        I noticed then, that my roomate wasn't here. Opening the fridge,
I grabbed some milk for cereal, and something to drink. A quick meal in 
the morning was rare, as I had forgone breakfast long ago. The cereal was ok,
and it was filling enough, but lacking in overall enjoyment. 'Oh well' I 
thought, forget it. I would go out for lunch later that day. Moving into the
front room I turned on the monitor to the computer, to check the board mail
and see if anything needed to be done. Nope. The board was pretty self 
sufficient, and I barely needed to touch it these days. Reading messages 
would be done later that day.
        Stale air in the house started overwhelming me. Opening the windows
brought in fresh air, but it was hot. So, I decided to walk about in the back
yard and get some air. Opening the curtains, I quickly realized something
was up. I looked out into the backyard, and instead of seeing the typical
single tree, dirt areas, and old patio, I saw something totally different.
I opened the door quickly and found cool fresh air blowing in my face. Just
what I was looking for. It was light out, but there was no visible sun that
I could see. Before I could finish the thought, the sun appeared on the 
horizon. But everything else was black, with white lines forming a grid 
running everywhere. It reminded me of the holodeck on ST:TNG. Laughing at
myself for being stupid, I blinked a few times and looked back in the house
and nothing had changed. Quickly I glanced back outside and the black
horizon, with the sun. Nothing else. Grass, rolling hills of grass, nice
cool air, lots of trees. These thoughts swarmed through my mind and seconds
later it was in front of me. I had just created everything I could see.
        I took a tentative step out onto the grass where the patio had been
and was amazed when I realized that it was real. Nice thick green grass under
my feet. It took me at least 10 minutes to fully comprehend what was happening
but I wasn't complaining. Lesse. Birds, small animals, a small pond and
hundreds of other things appeared as I thought about them. Hmm. I looked back
to the house I lived in. Five minutes later I sat back on a chair, drinking
a cold beer, admiring the repairs to the house. Nothing big, just a house
in front of me that wouldn't need cleaning, repairing, or any other 
maintenance for quite some time. Better carpet, food in the fridge, and
other small things that made life easier. Hmm. Too good to be true. I knew
there would be some limit to what I could do, but I would have to find that
on my own.
        I walked around the house to where the front yard used to be and
looked around at where my neighbor's houses used to be. Nothing. Just
the rolling green hills I had thought of. Hmm. Ok. I walked across the road
and up to the front door of my friend's house. I knocked once, and he came
to the door. "Hey, what's up?". "Oh, not much. Hmm. Look around 'J'."
He stepped out into the front yard and looked around. Confusion hit him 
hard. "What the hell is going on?" I kinda snickerd at that, and produced
two chairs and a couple of beers for us, and explained everything. Hmm. 
"I could use bite to eat". 'J' stopped me quickly and told me to hang a 
second, he wanted to try something. His face kinda got a look of hard thought
and he blinked. In front of us was a table with a chinese dinner. "Not bad"
was my only reply.
        We both ate, and thought about things for a while. During the time
we had both summoned up a computer to help us out. We wanted to know the
extent of our world, and our power. Only took a couple of hours and we
found out that we were the only ones around and we controlled the world.
"Cool" I said, and looked over to 'J'. An evil grin spread over his face
and I knew what he was thinking. "Welp. Lets be careful what we put back. I
don't want to deal with any assholes. And if you put any more people back
I am gonna kick yer ass boy." I laughed at that, and he did too. Since both
of us had jobs that required social interaction with people we didn't care
for, neither of us were eager to put people back right away.
        Hmm. "Ya know, 'J', all those people that bitch about the cyber
culture, and say it is bullshit, and will never be? Guess this is it.
To some extent at least." He thought for a minutes and nodded. "Sure is, I
think I kinda like it. Thing is, if we put something back, will they be
able to do anything like we can?" This made me think for a minute.
        I opened my eyes, and in front of me was another person. It was
a guy I knew that worked at the mall. "Hi Patrick. Howya doin?". He was
confused at first, but after looking around he replied "Heya. Pretty good. 
What the hell is going on?". I quickly explained everything and told
him to try and conjure something and told him how to do it. No luck. He 
couldn't do it. I thought for a second and told him to try again. Next
to him appeared this cute girl he worked with. He smiled. I thought about
it. He and the girl quickly dissappeared.
        "Ya know 'J'. I think I like this. We control who has the power."
The next few hours were filled with talk about what we would do, what 
we would restore, and what changes we would make. It only took a full
day of thinking and all of Lubbock was back but it was much improved. Lots
more trees, better roads, and no dust or cattle yard within 100 miles.
"Welp, looks like our work is cut out if we want the rest of the world back."
He looked over and told me not really. "Just think vague thoughts, the lesser
the detail, the faster it would appear, and for some reason it comes back
the way it was." He explained a little more.
        We rested, drank a few more beers, and he drank a bottle or two
of FireWater. Strange. We could drink all we wanted, and then get rid of
the effects. A week passed and the world was back to a somewhat normal
condition. Things were much better. There was still fighting and war and
all that, but the little things that made life hard had been taken care of.
Peace was cool and all but would never work. Wars had their part in the
grand scheme of things.
        'J' and I kept working on things, created elaborate computer networks
that were much more effecient since that was our hobbies. We always had
a place to go to talk about things, a nice rolling green meadow with trees,
and a huge pond. We would kick back and talk about things. It was just one
of those times, we started talking about the past. Something hit me then, 
and I quickly stood up. "Wait! Fuck this. Curiosity is killing me. What
is the real story behind JFK? What is the N.S.A. hiding? Is there other
life in the universe? I mean, with our power we can find out all that shit."
'J' quickly agreed and we started to get to work.
        It was two weeks after all this began that we were sitting there, 
and something started happening. We had found out everything we had ever 
wanted to know about the world, and what all had been kept from the people
of the world. Sitting back contemplating things we both noticed it. 
Everything around us started growing a darker shade of grey. We both tried 
to stop it but couldn't. We hadn't lost our power, but we couldn't control 
it for some reason. Things blacked out.
        I woke up in my bed, and looked around. After a long sigh, I realized
it had been a dream and that once again, utopia had slipped through my
grasp. I close my eyes trying to recall details about everything we had
discovered but it wasn't coming back to me. I cursed for a second, knowing
that some of the things I dreamt of had to be the truth. Oh well. Like usual
I forgot what I dreamed.

        "Shut the mains off."
        "Mains off. Neural scanner de-activated sir."
        "Damn. I thought he would remember everything."
        "Lessee what all happened, I am searching the program logs. Here. 
         They both dreamt that they had control of anything, and then rebuilt
         the world so it was a better place, and then decided they would
         find out about everything we strive to keep secret. They learned
         of everything this agency has ever been involved in...
         Amazing, that a dream can do all that. They discovered the truths
         through a fucking dream. I'm glad that dream retention isn't as
         easy as people say."
        "Damn. You're sure that they don't remember a thing? If either of
         them retain 1% of what they learned, we could be ruined."
        "Your right. We have to make sure. Send a team out. Have them 
         taken into custody, erase all memory of the past 24 hours, and put 
         them back. Continue monitoring them, and if that doesn't work....
         then kill them."
        "Yes sir. Good thing we have these neural scanners. They have saved 
         our asses more than once."
        "Amazing technology."
        "Yep. Sure is. Just remember, don't question where we got it."
        "Yes sir."
        "Lets go to lunch."

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