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                               Real Life - School

        Welp. I sat back the other night and flipped the old television
on. Beverly Hills 90210 assaulted my senses and I realized it was one
of the first season episodes. Heh. I changed the channel in under 5 seconds
and started my usual grazing process. Flipping through each channel, one
by one, going up and past channel 62, back around to channel 2. I gradually 
got back around to BH and thought about it a sec. I had always hated the
show but I actually gave a thought about the show for a sec. I also thought
about the other show, Class of '96, and how well it does, and the advertising
for it that I had heard.
        We have two shows here, one that went so many seasons, and another
that is supposed to go for 4 years or about that long. Both have/had a huge
base of watchers each week. They are two of the most popular shows on TV among
the teens. Many of the younger people actually think high school and college 
is actually like that no doubt. Perfect little society, storybook romances,
emotional triumphs, and an occasional sad time or two.
        They are all bullshit yet they make tons of money, and pollute the
minds of millions of kids each episode. So, this file is to make a few people
aware of the real shit that goes on. I guess this file is geared toward a 
younger reading crowd, that hasn't experienced either high school or college.
For reference, I have attended two high schools(both quite different), one
in South Carolina, and one in New Mexico. I have attended Texas Tech 
University for about 2 years(7 semesters), including summer sessions. I think
I have a decent concept of what school is really like.

        What a wonderful high school, located in one of the wealthiest
areas of America. The show always opens up with a view of a beautiful high
school, in perfect repair, with perfect people spread all around, talking 
and smiling and having a grand old time. Classes are easy, people are
friendly, and free time is abundant.
        Lesse. My first high school was Irmo High, located in Irmo(suburb
of Columbia) South Carolina. The school was pretty old, and was in the middle 
of some really rich neighborhoods, and some really poor neighborhoods. I
would guess it was almost 50% white/50% black, but I am not sure. It was/is
considered one of the nicer high schools in the greater Columbia area. Fights
happened about one a day, a major incident with a weapon occured once a week,
and things like vandalism and such were an hourly occurence. Cliques were
abundant at that school, and they never intereacted unless they had to. Many
people kept to themselves, and staring at someone too long was often times
a prelude to a fight.
        Each morning over half the school rode the bus, not in 15 thousand
dollar cars. We got there, and went to our classes, a third of which were
in small trailers called portables. Near the summer, the temperature was 
often times around 85 or 90 degrees, with 85% or so humidity, and classes
inside those trailers were living hell. Imbetween classes we went to the
cafeteria or outside to concrete slabs to eat our lunch, and looked at brick
walls, and sometimes the trees across the railroad tracks. Two or three 
teachers and security roamed the area during lunch to break up any fights
that might break out.
        Class let out around 3:30 in the afternoon, and the nearest mall was
about 20 minutes away. But you didn't want to go there. Hanging out there got
you kicked out. No money, no mall. Overall it was a school that was sort of
lacking. People could be friendly enough, but it was rare.

        My second high school was La Cueva High School, in Albuquerque, New
Mexico. It was located in the richest part of town, and was the newest high
school. I graduated during its fifth year. The school was often times mistaken
for a shopping mall, no shit, and money wasn't much of a problem for the
school. The original plans of the school called for a McDonalds to be located
in it, but instead, a snack bar went in that served a wider variety of food.
        The school was primarily white. I think there were a total of 15 black 
people at the school and about as many with mexican/spanish blood. The school
had a total of 1500+ people attending class at any given time. My graduating
class was 470 or so. I moved in, and started school halfway through my 
sophomore year. When I attended, they were in "phase II" of the building,
and the later 3 phases called for a swimming pool, outdoor stadium, and a 
second gym. 
        Typically, the people that went there were rich, sons/daughters of
rich people in town. I figured it would be a much better school but I found
myself to be wrong. I was new to class, and everyone knew it. Instead of 
friendly 'hellos' and stuff, I just received disinterested stares. The fact
that I came from a state halfway across the country didn't interest any
of them in the least. I made a small effort to meet people but it was hard.
Cliques were even tighter, and there were twice as many of them. In the 
councourse at lunch, small groups would eat their lunch and talk, and rarely
venture out of their groups. After two months of attending class, someone 
actually came up, sat down beside me, and said "you are new here right? mind
if I join you?". I quickly said that was cool and looked at the guy. About
6'6", long hair, megadeth shirt, ripped jeans, and a reputation of having 
more drugs than a pharmecist. No shit.
        In three months, I had one person offer to eat lunch with me. That is
all. About that time I was approached by the manager of the snack bar and 
offered a job there. So for the next two years I worked for an hour before
school, an hour during lunch, and an hour after school. No prob. A little
extra money and free food for lunch.
        Graduation came, and I imagine I knew about 50% of the class by name,
and even fewer personally. I knew more 'of' them than anything. Sorta dull,
but the truth.

        This shit on 90210 with a class saying they won't graduate because
the school is holding one person back is so ridiculous. The money there,
and the general comradery portrays it a place of absolute friendship, and
the perfect living place. -Bullshit- . Enough said.

                                Class of '96

        First, this show advertised in our area, as being a show that would
bring back memories in all the college graduates of past. Heh. This takes
place in an Ivy league school, and they expect it to remind people of all
their college times? Yeah right. We are introduced to like 7 or 8 people,
and they quickly become friends. They are roomates, and are instant friends
for life. Classes are hard but well rewarding. Each class teaches them 
something totally new to them. The life outside of college is that of 
perfect harmony. No problems, little worry, and a lot of good times.

        Notice how they don't really say their majors? If they did I missed
it and then I would have to say they are bullshit. Any declared major is
more work than what they show. For all of one semester I was a dual major,
Architecture/Civil Engineering. After that, I dropped to architecture by
itself, and after 4 more semesters of that alone, I switched to English.
        If you wonder why, it wasn't so much because the classes were hard,
I just thought some of the classes were total bullshit is all. That is the
thing about college. There is so much review work, in the middle of new stuff
that it is hard to get it all down. Classes take a lot more time and don't
leave quite as much time for messing around as they would leave you to
        Next. Notice how they all go to the local bar/pool hall and get some
beers here and there? How old are they? All over 21? All I know is I have 
gone to school for 7 semesters now, and I still haven't legally bought
any beer. I can get it and all, but at a bar I have to have a friend buy it
for me. Also, notice how they never leave campus it seems? I am hardly ever
on campus unless I am at class. Even when I lived in the dorms, I tryed to
get out of them as much as I could.
        My two rommates I had, I hated. The first was tolerable when he wasn't
around. The other, was outright stupid. We didn't get along at all. Most
of the people I lived near, were the same way. Just didn't get along. 
        I guess my major problem with this stupid show, is if they are trying
to bring back memories, and show what college is like, then shouldn't it be
at a regular university? Ivy league school are quite different.


        So in conclusion. Don't believe the hype. They are bullshit shows
that aren't close to the truth. If you are in high school or college then
you probably know what I am talking about. If you don't, and you are about
to attend either, then don't let shows like that have ANY influence on you
if you can help it. Shows like that should have a disclaimer I think.
        "The following program is not even close to real life. Sit back
and enjoy the show while we make a killing."
        Don't believe the hype.


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