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                             Good vs. Evil

        BEFORE you erase this after reading the title sit back for a sec.
This isn't another file about good vs. evil in general. This is more 
specific and much more enlightening(cough). We all know the difference 
between the two so no stupid definitions or anything like that. 
        Also. This is really hard to write about I think, course I haven't
written about it so I don't really know. Anyway, lots of chaotic thoughts
swirling around in my head and that is one of the reasons I am putting this
down on "paper". Just bear with me like usual, think about ramblings, and 
THEN delete the file. Or mail it to a few senators and representatives.
And when I say good and evil it means lifestyle OR attitude. Think about it
and you can probably figure what I am getting at. These files are always
pretty simple I think.

        Ok. Right now I lead a "good" life. I repay debts, I obey a lot of
stupid laws, I am willing to give to a lot of people, am willing to take
a lot of shit from a lot of people, somewhat caring about some things, etc.
Overall I am good natured. My best friend and I always borrow money from each
other but he is a stubborn ass about it sometime and won't let me repay him
which usually gets me feeling sorta bad knowing I still owe him something.
That shows he is a good person as well really. Anyway, we both are giving to
each other and basically to other people. Him much more than I. When you 
look at it from a larger point of view you start to see how much you are
actually gaining and losing. 
        Gains: I keep a really good friend. This friend could/would help me 
out if I was in a bad spot. He is always there if I really need a few bucks, 
or other favor. Whether the favor is big or small he is there for me and I 
always have that "safety blanket" to fall back on. And no matter how cheesy 
it sounds you do sort of get a good feeling from doing good things that 
benefit others without personal gain. Or if you are good natured toward a
stranger you can often times end up meeting a cool person, nice girl, etc and
gain a new friend out of it. I get tired of the what if scenarios but a 
little one for you. -What if you help some old guy help change a flat on
the side of the road. Turns out he is wealthy and repays you quite well for
you willing to help him.- I know that is far fetched these days because of
a lack of good people. Everyone is out for themselves it seems and no one
gives a shit about the other person.
        Losses: In the long run you lose a good deal of money if you are
generous in that way. I know I don't lose a lot with my friend because he
will usually/always pay me back in one way or another. So money isn't a thing
for us but if you are willing to give a guy a quarter here, a dime here, and
so forth it adds up. No matter how small you think it is. Heard the song
by Arrested Development? Called _Mr. Wendal_ and it is a good song. The first
part of the song gets me to thinking. The song goes like this: "Here have
a dollar, in fact naw brotherman here have two. Two dollars is a snack for
me, but it means a big deal to you....Now that I know 'em to give him money
isn't charity, he gives me some knowledge I buy him some food..."
        I think it would be pretty cool if you could give a bum a few bucks 
in exchange for some wisdom. You know that living years on the street will 
teach a person a lot of things and passing them on is a good thing. I say
it all the time but Knowledge is Power. That is all there is to it. Anyway,
just a few bucks of monitary loss seems like little but you never know. Other 
losses, time. If you help out people with small stuff and help them do this
or help them do that it eventually adds up and takes a good chunk of time
out of your days(depending how good and helpful you are).
        So those are a few gains and losses. I am not saying run out and
be good this second because that is not in everyones nature. I know that 
pretty damn well these days. But look at the possible advantages and wiegh
it against the losses. Seems quite the good deal to me.

        Next, if you lead an "evil" life or have an "evil" attitude.
Ok. Not so much evil but more like you don't give a shit about yourself.
I mean evil or looking out for yourself or whatever you want to call it.
So you don't lend money to people, no matter how much, you don't waste
your valuable time helping other lowly peons with anything, especially if
it is something obviously caused by their own stupidity. You don't care who
you offend, what you say to them, what they think of you, or what might
happen because of your actions.
        When you do share it is only with those few individuals you "trust",
for lack of a better word. What you do share is minimul and usually only if
you know you might get repayed in the near future. You don't tell them much
about yourself, only enough to satisfy curiosity. You see a quick way to
profit then you take it, whether it hurts another, is illegal, or immoral.
"Trust" in your book isn't really trust. It is more of a "I know I won't get 
backstabbed by you" rather than "I have faith in you". You don't take shit
from anyone no matter who it is. You have to have the last word.
        Gains: You don't answer to anyone. You don't lose time or money.
You have very few friends and even fewer people that you can really trust.
That can be good or bad of course. Hmm. Not much more than that.
        Losses: Possible friendship that can save your ass in many occasions.
That "security blanket" to have under you in case you need something small
or important. A social life. While you hang out wiht the few people you know
and/or like you miss out on a lot of other social aspects. 

        Remember that all the above gains and losses, these are not always
the truth and not all may happen at the same time. I guess I lean toward a
slightly evil side(muhahaha) or at least my friends tell me that.

        I don't know what all this means to you and no doubt you realized a 
lot of that but probably didn't think about it much. Whether a person acts
good or evil really does make a difference in your daily life. Whether it
is some guy willing to help you with something or some other guy that doesn't
care that your car got a flat because of the nail under your tire that he saw
and could have told you about.

        Cheesy or not. Think about being good a LITTLE more. I am getting 
tired of all the evils that you run across out there that just don't give a
shit. Think about it and peace.

                                        -Scourge of Society-

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