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                          That Social Thang

        Yet another of these damned files. Bear with me as I am in a 
wierd mood yet again. I sat back in class today and pondered the whole
social scheme that I am forced to participate in. You are too, by the 
way. Each and every one of us must be a part of a caste system of sorts
where each person fits neatly into a group whether they know/like it or
not. I think that I fit into the "nobody" or "geek" class myself. Of 
course I didn't put myself there but oh well. Its just your life. (And I 
will deal with the other groups later on in some other file.)
        When I say it is your life I mean that later, people will look
back at what you have done, who you have been affiliated with, and such.
Were you a boy/girl scout? Were you part of a fraternity/sorority? You
may think that is trivial right now but it isn't. If you were an Eagle
Scout then your odds of being hired go up. If you are part of a fraternity
then your odds go up for being hired. Don't ask me to prove that, I have
read that shit in other magazines at one time or another. Anyway, I want
to deal with fraternities and sororities right now.
 -(If I refer to a frat it means fraternity OR sorority OR both)-
        A frat is a social group. An elite clique of people that get 
together every so often and do shit with/to each other or whatnot. First,
You get to go through some sort of initiation. These are just a few things
I have heard that a frat will make you do as part of that.
        -Carry a plant around for a week, EVERYWHERE you go. Can't let
         it die.
        -Get handcuffed to a girl, then eat a huge meal full of some
         kind of laxative. The handcuffs will be removed 2 days later.
        -When walking/driving you can't touch anything red.
        -Can't associate with certain people.
        -Can't talk(literally) to any non-frat type person.
Basically shit like that. Ok. So what does this do? Is this mental 
discipline? If so why not test them over something, make them memorize
something. This stuff is embarassing. Really nothing else to it when it all
comes down to it. I ask why these frat people embarass future members...is
it because when they become full memebers they won't have to be worried about
being made fun of? Or are they getting them used to what many people will
think of them? I say it is the latter. Frats are geared toward the "elite"
of todays society. They consist of the "smart", the rich, or those with
the right parents. You can buy your way into a frat, earn your way in,
or have your parents get you into the same one they were in. So what is
the point of it all really? I have seen signs that say a frat will increase
your grades, help you meet lots of new and interesting people, get job
experience, and loads of other bullshit that I don't exactly buy.
        If you join one you definitely meet a lot of new people, no doubt
about that. What else do you do? You go to swell mixers with specific other
frats and sororities. So you have this group of people that you hang out with
and that is cool and everything. But if you hang out with other people
then you run the risk of being an outcast or not as well liked by your
fellow frat brothers. What else....you get to set fashion trends. What you
wear or dress like or appear as can set a new trend before you even change
clothes again. One person in your frat does it, next a brother is doing it,
then a slight change and a sorority is doing it, then the rest of the frats
are doing it, and you have just set a trend. Whoopty fuckin' doo sez me.
     Ok. So you have all these frats, or elite groups of snobs in most cases.
Seems that being a snob is a pre-requisite to being a frat member. Anyway,
you have all these frats that will only mix with certain other frats. They
usually won't socialize with other frats and usually not with GDIs (God
Damn Independents). Why don't they mix with all these other people? Are they
scared? I think so. I think they are scared to mix with all the other people
they so despise because they will realize that all these other people are
a lot like them, have some common views, or they are actually better than 
them. Seems to me that is the whole point of them.
     Look at who is in a frat. You usually have really popular people. They
were popular in high school, they were popular outside of high school, and
they are generally popular in college. They have quite a few friends, many
friends of the opposite sex, etc. So why do they join these frats? Seems to 
me that all those people in high school that had a hard time getting friends
or getting a date should be in a frat. That way they are guaranteed friends,
guaranteed a social life, and stuff. These are the people that need these 
socially elite groups.
     Next, how bout these mixers. Each mixer has a specific theme, and in
many cases they are potentially offensive to a minority group, whether it is
a racial minority or "ethical" minority. Recently here at Texas Tech, there
was a mixer called "Party in the Projects". This mixer basically made fun
of black people and it caused a whole lot of "racial tension" on the campus,
gave people something to talk about, and stuff to keep up with.

     The whole point of this babbling is to think about why frats exist.
Unless it is a service frat or something it is nothing more than a big kids
club with "Special Neato Membership" and shit. Most, if not all, of my friends
despise these frats. One friend, will not date a sorority chick even though
she is really cute and everything. Just the principle of it I guess. I have
been sorta put on the spot as well. I got invited to a "blind date party" 
this week and found out later that it might be a mixer of some kind. I am 
supposed to be going out with a friend of a friend's roomate. whatever is
all I can say. I will go of course and be social but if it turns out to be
full of frat boys and sorority girls I have a feeling that I will laugh the
whole time. Not at them so much, as what they are doing. Like usual (and yes
I have seen this over and over first hand) they will get drunk, blow chunks,
and the next morning feel like shit. What a life.
     All of the people I hang out with are BBSers really, or close to it. 
They are all against frats in the sense that they, like me, see it as complete
and utter bullshit. Sad part is, us BBSers almost make up a frat, but in a
little different way. I see it as just a group of (mostly) intelligent people
that share their ideas and thoughts electronically, rather than half drunk
in person at some rich guys house. 

     Enough babbling for me. Take all this how you want and think about it.
     If you are actually in a frat AND reading this then think about why
     you are in it. Maybe I am totally screwed up and don't know half of the
     story or something but I doubt it.

     And even though I do it sometimes, try not to stereotype people for
     any reason. And try to be more social, especially with those people
     that you usually wouldn't talk to for your own little reasons.


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