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                "Those Close Minded College Boys"
    I've always been a very open minded person.  My family is very open 
minded, as are most of my friends with a few exceptions.  Having lived in 
such an environment for my entire life, I suppose that I became rather 
ignorant of the amount of bigotry and stubborn ignorance in certain areas 
of the world.  One would expect racism in the rural South, and you would 
find it in some places.  And the socio-economic prejudice that the caste 
system of India produces is no surprise to anyone.  But the concept of a 
closed mind in a university environment to me is unthinkable, or so I 
thought.  Today I was faced with such a sickening display of ignorant 
rhetoric that I found myself wanting to vomit.
    I had arrived in my political science discussion group, which the 
university requires due to the gargantuan size of my actual lecture class,
not expecting to be outraged, let alone even slightly annoyed.  The young
teaching assistant began to discuss current events that the proffessor had 
touched upon in lecture the day before.  She began to speak of a rather 
touchy issue that faces the new administration.  Having set up the basis 
for an intelligent debate, she opened the floor for opinions.  At first
there were a few well delivered ideas that represented both sides of the 
debate.  But then all hell broke loose.  A group of three or four "college
boys" decided to bless us with their opinions.  Their words were combative 
and their use of derogatory slang showed their limited scope of thought. 
The poor teacher attempted on several occasions to quell their verbal 
onslaught by capitulating to them that they had the right to have their own 
opinions.  But alas, they were adamant in their belief that they were experts 
in biology, psychology, human sexuality, anthropology, religion and military
history.  A few brave-hearted young ladies attempted to counter the mad 
ravings of the "college boys".  Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in their
cause.  Finally, the poor teacher stood up and stopped the dialogue and 
dismissed the class.
     I know that you are probably wondering why I made no attempt to counter 
the vocalized ignorance of the "college boys."  These men were victims of 
shallow souls and small, simple minds.  To argue with them, would have been 
as successful as attempting to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with
a herring.  These "college boys" were set in their beliefs, which is not a 
bad characteristic in itself, but at the same time, they kept their eyes and 
ears closed to anything that was not compatible with their views.  
     This is a dangerous trend that may soon spread from university to 
university.  You may now say to yourself that such views are harmless stages
that young people go through.  But if these people do not grow out of their 
childish ignorance the country will be in dire straits.  For today's 
prejudiced "college boys" shall be a the political, economic, and social 
leaders of tomorrow.

             F.U.C.K.0004  by Doctor Zhivago

Editor's Note:  The chop down a tree with a hearing line is from 
                Monty Python's Holy Grail.

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