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    Man. Talk about a fucked up group of people. You know who I am talking
about. Hell, you may be one of the bastards that I so despise. Those 
wonderful people that are so fucking pathetic and lazy that they can't do
shit for themselves, get in the way of others and make a constant fool out
of themselves. Oh yeah. Everyone shows signs of it, but there are those
ignorant bastards that do it more than others that really piss me off.
   If you can't tell, I don't exactly care for lazy people. What, you may
ask, qualifies as lazy to me? You are lazy if you do the following:

-Use an elevator to go up one or two floors
-Don't turn on your blinker when you change lanes
-Don't check your mirrors when you change lanes
-Get a ride(car, bus, etc) to go under a mile
-Stand in the way and not bother to look around
-And other shit like that

   Shit like that is so annoying. I mean look at it. One flight of stairs
to get to the next floor yet too many people take the elevator. I will watch
them wait over 5 minutes for that elevator to come down just so they can go
up one floor. Would have taken 10 seconds to run up the stairs and would have
actually made them get some excercise. So when people going more than four 
floors get on, they have to wait for you to get off. Sad part is, most of the
people I see doing this are the typical jock assholes on the football team or
something. And I wonder why our college football team loses so many damn 
games. They are probably too far out of shape to run 100 yards or something.
   When I walk to class each morning there are numerous people waiting at 
the bus stop so they can catch a ride across campus. I can walk to the other
side in about 15 minutes and that is when I walk a normal speed. If I haul
ass I can do it in 10 or so. Yet, these people wait 25 minutes for the bus 
to come and pick their lazy asses up. Many times they will be late for class
and give that old excuse "The bus was late". Damn! Be glad I am not their 
prof or something. I don't think I would be quite as nice as some of my profs
are. I do understand taking the bus if you have a broken leg, sprained ankle
and stuff like that. But these are usually the same jocks or sorority girls
or frat bastards. Too lazy to walk half a mile in nice weather. Hell, I walk
the campus in sleet and rain and to date I haven't died or melted yet.
   Driving. Hell. I am considered a crazy driver by all who know me. Sure, I 
may be crazy or reckless or whatnot, but the one thing I am is polite. I use
my turn signal when I change lanes, make a turn, etc. There has been many a 
time where I am about to pull out in traffic and I decide to wait for a car. 
They slow down a little and eventually make a turn. So I am just sitting 
there waiting on them and they turn. If they would have signaled I could have
been on my merry little way. You think it is only a few seconds but all that
adds up and don't forget how many lights you have to wait for since you just
missed that green light and stuff.
   I was driving in Denver over the summer and had the wonderful experience
of an 18 wheeler decide he wanted to change lanes. I was in the lane he 
wanted. He didn't signal, he didn't check his mirrors or anything. Just made 
the turn. I had to speed up and dart in front of him to avoid getting hit. 
We were both going about 55 so the wreck that would have come would not
have been fun. 
   Too many times I am in our dorm cafeteria and I want to go sit down with
my food. So my friends and I are carrying our trays about to go to our table.
In our dorm there are two breaks in the wall that seperates the food prep 
area and the tables. The whole place is pretty big and quite spacious to 
begin with yet almost every meal, there is a small group of people standing
there. They are blocking people trying to leave, get to their tables, etc.
Each time someone goes by they say "Excuse me" and whoever is blocking the 
way moves for a minute and goes right back to blocking the way. After a few 
times of doing this they get pissed at everyone for making them move so many
times. Hell.

   I guess all I want is for people to open their fucking eyes. That is why
they are their. Just pay attention to whats around you and think for one
second of the people around you. Just the smallest efforts can save so much
time and not piss off people like me. Bah! Enough of this lecture. You get 
the point. I hope.


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