John Thomas Draper a.k.a. Captain Crunch

In a history of phone phreaking, author Phil Lapsley goes into extensive detail on the players involved. In his book titled "Exploding the Phone", Lapsley covers John Draper extensively. Part of the history includes the numerous times Draper was arrested. The information below is summarized from the book as a reference for Draper's arrest history and the disposition of each case.

Year State Charges / Disposition
1972-05-04 California Arrested for 7 counts of violating 18 USC 1343 (Wire & Fraud statute), plead not guilty. Recognizance bond revoked, bench warrant issued when Draper flew out of town. Arrested again on July 12, bail set at $10,000, spent several days in care of US Marshal Service. Changed plea to guilty during trial after overwhelming evidence. Judge sentenced him to a one-year suspended sentence, a $1,000 fine, and five years probation.
1976-04-02 California Arrested for Fraud by Wire, released on $5,000 bail. Federal grand jury indicted Draper on three counts of Fraud by Wire. Reached deal to cooperate with FBI. On August 23, sentenced to custody of the AG for three years to be imprisoned in a jail-type institution for four months and five years probation. First phone phreak to serve time in a federal pen.
1977-10-22 Pennsylvania Arrested for making 'illegal calls'. Spent 30 days in county prison before posting bail.
1977-11-26 New Jersey Agreed to a plea bargain, plead guilty to one count of possessing a device to steal telecommunication services. Sentenced to 3 to 6 months in jail.
1979-03-?? California Parole violation from 1978 conviction. Sentenced to a work furlough program for one year.
1987-02-25 California Plead guilty to misdemeanor charge of forging Bay Area Rapid Transit tickets.

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