2000 CNN article that mentions John Thomas Draper a.k.a. Captain Crunch

On July 24, 2000, Ethan Smith published an article on CNN titled "Paranoia runs deep at hacker convention". In thea rticle, Smith wrote two paragraphs about John Draper, one of which describes his boasting of "body tune-ups", showing again that has been a long-standing lure to isolate males for what may result in sexual misconduct or worse. From the article:

"Script kiddies!" spits John Draper, 57. "Think they're hot (stuff)." The grizzled veteran got his handle, Captain Crunch, in the early '70s, when he discovered that a plastic whistle from a cereal box emitted a tone crucial to phreaking. In 1978, Draper spent four months in jail for his illicit proclivities and these days, tries to stay legit.

"You should try one of my body tune-ups," he says. "It's a great energy boost." Indeed, he spends a good deal of the conference enticing young attendees back to his hotel room, where he offers full-contact "stretching" sessions. And the Captain seems to have absorbed the lesson of the "Selling Out" talk all too well. "Did you get my URL?" he says. "ShopIP.com. It's e-commerce for the rest of us!"

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