This is a response to the accusations of plagiarism.

From: Antonio Andre (doomsday1009[at]
Date: Sun, 13 May 2012 13:51:45 +0700
Subject: IBT

Hello, im THJC the administrator of site.
And i wan't to give clarification of your post :)

The following screenshots demonstrate that Zee Eichel and the Indonesian
Backtrack Team (IBT) plagiarized an entire article from,
stripping the original credit and putting their name to it (ironically, the
Corelan disclaimer that specifies copyright and prohibits copying their

About that paragraph, Zee Eichel is not write the disclaimer. Liyan Oz
a.k.a Onto a.k.a is who write that
disclaimer. Please update the article

And dis9, is the owner of that site. who plagiarize 1 article from garage4hackers.

And last week Liyan Oz a.k.a Onto a.k.a has been fired for IBT. And now,
he acts in the past affected us.


Sincerely, Admin.

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