Zaki Qureshey / E2-Labs

Describing himself as a "Cyber Security Futurologist", Zaki Qureshey is the founder of E2-Labs based out of Hyderabad, India. E2-Labs was originally a joint effort between Qureshey and Ankit Fadia, a well-documented charlatan and plagiarist. This did not last long, with Fadia severing ties in September 2003, not even a year after creation. Fadia cited two major reasons for his change of heart. First, Qureshey was using Fadia as the face of the school, presumably without permission or an agreement in place. Second, Fadia was not paid for any of his work or use of his name. This ended up being a common theme with Qureshey and those he partnered with.

Years later, Qureshey attempted to partner with When Zone-H provided training as agreed, Qureshey did not provide money. After one two-day class, Zone-H parted company with Qureshey, or so they thought. Over the next two years, Qureshey continued to market the E2-Labs class using Zone-H's name, branding and pictures of their staff. Zone-H has written several articles covering the saga:

In addition, Qureshey / E2-Labs plagiarizes content for their web site.

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