Yousif Yalda: Lost in the Business World

September 16, 2007

Not everyone is ready to be a business owner. Many get into a field and decide that running their own business is more appealing than working for a company. However, most reach this conclusion after many years working for other companies to figure out what they do wrong, and then try to strike out on their own and do things right.

Yalda decided to skip that whole part and just go straight to running a business when he was 17. Only problem is, he didn't know how to run a business. Or what certifications he should have. Or how to write his own resume. From his post on

Title: Confused
Post by: Yousif on September 16, 2007, 09:15:38 PM

Alright, I've started my own company for a while now and I've gathered employees and a sales rep. Can someone fill me on exactly what I need to operate my company for success? Meaning can someone tell me what certifications do I need EXACTLY and what else I may need. I just turned 17 in July, but I'm very much interested in web application security. Also, can someone send me a personal Resume of their's just so I can apply what I know and add from ideas and mishaps I may have forgotten onto my real resume. Like I mentioned above, I'm only 17 years of age and I clearly have no actual professional skill in writing a resume for success. I do however, type with professionalism on a serious level. My website is

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