Sunny Vaghela

Yet another "Indian whiz kid", Sunny Vaghela has also been described India's "youngest" and "among the best" ethical hacker (along with Ankit Fadia and Sahil Khan). He describes himself as "one of the countries pioneer Information Security & Cyber Crime Consultant". The title "ethical hacker" being given to him is dubious as he claims "I hacked into major government and private websites and later sent them a note, suggesting possible solutions." Ethical hacking is done with permission; "sending a note later" does not sound like delivering a report as part of the project.

Vaghela's other notable claim to fame was "pointing out loopholes to Orkut administrators". Revealing relatively pedestrian vulnerabilities like Session Hijacking and Cross-site Scripting (XSS) are simply not evidence of any expertise these days. First-year security practicioners routinely discover such vulnerabilities, sometimes using automated tools such as WebInspect, AppScan or Burp Proxy. Following in Ankit Fadia's footsteps, Vaghela claims to to have "traced the origin of the Terror E-Mail Trail of the Ahmedabad Serial Bomb Blast Terror Mail Case". Apparently, the law enforcement in India is wholly incapable of solving any computer crime on their own.

As with many characters in the Information Security arena, the amount of work performed at his age is difficult to believe. By 22, he claims to have conducted research into different technologies, conducted more than 140 workshops, been a frequent guest to colleges, ran certified training programs on multiple topics, conducted boot camps for large tech firms all while being the Director & Chief Technical Officer at TechDefence Consulting Pvt Ltd.

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