Martin Leufray III

Responsible for "commercialization of TCP/IP and the technical infrastructure of the commercial Internet"

Thu May 3 16:55:55 CDT 2012

On May 2, 2012, an email to an EarthLink alumni group by Martin Leufray III [LinkedIn, FaceBook] was made public on Vertical Sysadmin. The email contains a pretty wild claim that Leufray was responsible for the "commercialization of TCP/IP and the technical infrastructure of the commercial Internet". Reading his entire email, it is clear that not only is he mistaken about that claim, he is way off on many other claims.

Many points of Leufray's article have been debunked on a dropsafe thread, in which some notable names chime in on the claims. Based on the replies, here are a few points that illustrate how Leufray's claims are bogus:

These are just a few points that show how ridiculous the claims of Leufray really are. As noted on the thread, one has to wonder why Leufray never moved his archived emails from mag tape to a more reliable media over the years. Given his bragging about being the "world's best network architect", one would assume that he is a bit more savvy.

One final thought, courtesy of Dominique Brezinski, that shatters the illusion of Leufray:

The Internet was commercialized not only when commercial companies were connected to it, but also the second you had to pay to access it.

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