James Scott

James Scott, self-described Information Warfare expert, only began writing on the topic in 2013. Before that, Scott has a varied history including CEO of Belvedere Global Strategies (corporate strategies consulting), CEO of Princeton Corporate Solutions (political strategy consultant, sole employee), alleged member of at least seven think tanks, founder of Shaka Inc. (traded on pink sheets exchange), founder of RenuEn (rebranded Shaka Inc., pitching solar powered products for homes), founder of Zaga Studios (TV ad creation), founder of Metro Giant, and founder of SpitFire Alliance (online marketing, SEO, spamming).

Since pivoting to Information Security in 2013, Scott has self-published many books on the topic, been a prolific Tweeter, and continues to use a variety of methods to boost his image and writings. There is little evidence that Scott has any real experience in Information Security, and yet, has managed to allegedly thrust himself into an advisory role to some of the top goverment agencies.

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