Dennis Montgomery

A "onetime biomedical technician" turned computer programmer [1], Dennis Montgomery and his eTreppid Technologies claimed to have designed software that could "find terrorist plots hidden in broadcasts of the Arab network Al Jazeera; identify terrorists from Predator drone videos; and detect noise from hostile submarines" [1]. The software was purchased by the U.S. Government only to find that it had several false alarms and was ultimately labeled an elaborate hoax. Michael Flynn, Montgomery's former lawyer, describes the him as a "con man" [1]. Rather than expose all the gory details, the Government is now trying to hide the details, citing 'National Security'.

Before the hoax software, Montgomery accused Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons of taking bribes from him and eTreppid to assist in getting military contracts. Montgomery was arrested in June of 2009 for allegedly passing around over $1 million worth of bad checks at casinos in Las Fegas the year before. [2]

For a detailed story of eTreppid's software and the Government ordeal:

The Man Who Conned The Pentagon

For a list of Montgomery's patents that helped him sell his software:

Google Patent Search:


[1] Hiding Details of Dubious Deal, U.S. Invokes National Security

[2] Man that accused Governor Gibbons arrested

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