JP has claimed a bit more than 'guru' status in the past.

	* Security Guru
	* Security Expert
	* Respected authority on hacking
	* Security Specialist
	* Computer Security Enthusiast
	* Online Security Specialist

"Some in Brian's group are even calling me a "fraud" already. A fraud? What have I ever claimed to be? A 20 year old computer security guru. That's it." - Antionline Founder John Vranasevich, May 3, 1999 post to DC-Stuff mail list "according to John Vranesevich, a security expert and founder of AntiOnline." Some security experts also believe.. John Vranesevich, founder of the computer security Web site AntiOnline. In addition to reporting on his site, Vranesevich has himself become a respected authority on hacking. John Vranesevich, a security specialist and founder of AntiOnline, welcomes NIPC but suggests that the government should create awareness campaigns about the dangers of cracking in the same way it conducts drug awareness campaigns. "Aside from a dictionary, I don't see the distinction being made between hackers and crackers," said John Vranasevich, founder of "AntiOnline". "I use 'computer security enthusiast' to describe myself when asked whether I am a 'hacker' or 'cracker'." "Cyberpsace security expert Vranasevich said that the two Web sites were not hacked by the same group." "computer security expert John Vranesevich said." (Reuters 21 Apr 98) "The Senate's Web site [a recent target] was hacked with methods we've known about for a year and a half," said John Vranesevich, an online security specialist.