Inside Happy Hacker, May 3, 1999

Our thanks to for providing an email list server to
manage our mailings.  It isn't easy running an email list when some of
the world's most notorious hackers are trying to shut us down.  Hurray
for Antionline founder John Vranesevich and Antionline and Happy Hacker
Wargame staffer Corey Gallatin for figuring our how to keep an email
list server running under conditions of brutal, incessant attack.  They
are real heroes in our battle against those computer criminals (AKA
"hacktivists") who believe they have the right to censor the Internet.

John Vranesevich, founder of AntiOnline, a Web site that tracks hacker 
activities, predicts that the number of such electronic exploits will 
escalate in the future as the first generation of young hackers matures. 
"These hackers are becoming politically minded," Vranesevich says. "They 
are starting to vote, and they are starting to take a look at the world 
around them. Now they are using the skills they've honed to make their 
opinion heard."