Is AntiOnline 5 years old? Or just 2? At the time of this first article, JP
was 20 years old. His claim on the AO site don't quite match.. by 4 years.

     "John Vransevich, founder of AntiOnline, a Web site
     dedicated to computer security, first published the site as
     a 19-year-old college student enamored with the world of
     hacking. Now, his fledgling computer-security company
     has venture capital backing and bright new offices, even
     as Vransevich's view of hackers has dimmed."

     AntiOnline was started by John Vranesevich in the fall of 1994.
     What began as a highschool hobby housed in a five meg shell
     account, has since evolved into a high tech company with
     highspeed, dedicated connections to the internet and a multitude
     of state-of-the-art servers. Even though its appearance and back
     end technologies may have changed through the years, its primary role has not.

     John Vranesevich's AntiOnline Web site is that resource. The site is
     "dedicated to educating the public on computer security related
     issues," as he said in an e-mail interview. Vranesevich, now 20,
     founded AntiOnline when he was in 10th grade.