On x/x/x, JP flamed the editor of Phrack for not unsubscribing himself from the
AntiOnline mail list (even though he never subscribed to it).

"Apparently some people are a little bit slower than others.... He still hasn't 
 removed himself from the list yet (when last I checked). Either he's having a 
 hard time understanding the removal procedure, or he just can't stand the thought of
 loosing me in his inbox every week. I guess I just have that effect over some people."


On Monday May 03, JP told the subscribers of the DC-Stuff mail list:

"As for this list, this will be my last post.  I'm unsubscribing myself from it."

Apparently JP had problems unsubscribing, as he posted again to the list half a day
later. As of 05.11.99 (8 days later), he *still* has not managed to unsubscribe.

flatland ~$ grep antionl dcstuff.subscriber.list
flatland ~$