AntiOnline violates ATTRITION copyright.

The original article:

Below are two lists. The first is a list of
team spl0it hacks from JP's article. The second, a list from Attrition's
hack mirror. It also is a list of team spl0it hacks updated twice daily.  I
can understand if someone used Attrition for research purposes and wrote
the results in their own fashion. Obviously the mirrored information and web
hacks we keep is not trademarked or copyrighted. However, if you compare
the two lists, it appears JP just lifted it with no editorial changes.
While some of the content is not copyrighted, the ATTRITION web pages
and collection is. This can be seen in the mirror web pages. "(This page
and all applicable content is Copyright 1999 Brian Martin)" (3).

JP's hack list:
                Recreation GOV (
                Brooks AFB (
                Power Manager (
                FL State Legislature (
                Health Resources and Services Administration
                LA CA US (
                Tay (UK) (

[99.04.29]  [spl0it]   NASA GSFC Information Systems Center (
[99.04.29]  [spl0it]   Federal Aviatiation Administration (
[99.04.29]  [spl0it]   Recreation.GOV (
[99.04.28]  [spl0it]   Brooks AFB (
[99.04.28]  [spl0it]   Power Manager (
[99.04.28]  [spl0it]   FL State Legislature (
[99.04.28]  [spl0it]   (
[99.04.27]  [spl0it]   LA CA US (
[99.04.27]  [spl0it]   Idaho State (

Why did JP miss "Idaho State ("? Probably because it was
added a few hours AFTER the AntiOnline article went up.

Another point, Jericho enjoys writing shorthand to speed up the process
of mirroring. He listed the City of LA hack as "LA CA US" instead of
writing it out. And look at JP's list same thing. Also, we haven't found
a title yet for Gee, JP doesn't have a title either.

This points to blatant theft of work from the individuals maintaining
the ATTRITION Hack Mirror. While we work to present a complete mirror
for public viewing, we ask for little in return. Common courtesy or an
attempt to appear to respect that work would have been shown by a link
to the ATTRITION mirror. Instead, links to the Antionline Mirror of the FAA
hack, the AntiOnline web hack mirror, and the original FAA site. At no
point do you credit ATTRITION for its work in cross referencing the hacks,
mirroring them, and making them available to the masses.

"We reserve all of our rights to the content that we post. In other
 words, don't copy what you see on AntiOnline and stick it directly 
 up on your website."    - AntiOnline Disclaimer