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                                FORPAXE TECHNOLOGIES INC.

                                          STATEMENT /1998    


F0rpaxe needs to inform all people what is going on. At this moment and 
for what we know, F0rpaxe is the only Portuguese group that is executing 
massive attacks on edu, gov , mil, com,servers. Maybe this is the reason 
why F0rpaxe is now being wanted by PJ
 (Portuguese police) and some international organizations like FBI and 
Interpol. While we had been
away for a few days we had watch several events on the Portuguese media 
whitch in a certain way implicates F0rpaxe.
Some newspapers reported that PJ is now doing their homework together 
with FBI to lock down "Hackers" who aleggely are involved on US hacks. 
Also PJ is now our BIG BROTHER since they are gathering efforts to make a 
net surveillence over POrtugual. For what it seems they have the help of
Portuguese ISP's like Telapac. Their goal is to track down hackers...
In an article of "EuroNoticias" they call hackers to the ones who use 
to steal accounts (l0l). If PJ thinks that this is their biggest problem 
that info about working together with the FBI is a bulshit...
Portugal is now passing through serious or hilarious actions.. IF the goal
of PJ is to track down people who use trojans to steal accounts then they
have to arrest all population. We think that this isn't their main goal 
since F0rpaxe had been informed that PJ is trying to get solide proofs
that we are the responsables for all those hacks.
PJ doesn't scare anyone.
IF FBI is really working together with PJ then they are doing this only 
of us...most certainly to erase us from the system...
FBI had been mounting schemes to track us down....
FBI had already tried to pretend being Iron-Lungs to get info about our 
current hacks,
if we still had acess to gov servers, if we had copyed military databases 
and all
that sort of things...
The real I-L reported that the fake I-L wasn't him. 
The guy was always asking things and we just could be just
a lamer trying to get some info about us...
But then the attemptives to track us down started: the guy started to 
people who are closed to F0rpaxe ,like some fo attrition staff, in order
to get our contact like phone etc...
They even asked some of them to phone us....
When they realized that we had discover they started trying to get info
from all those who surround us...a few days later an article on a 
reported that FBI and PJ were (or are?) working together...
We don't know if all this is the truth or only a misunderstanding but one
thing we know FBI really want us bad and they will do anything to caught 
We think that FBI doesn't want us just because of all the hacks but to 
that they have the authoritie to arrest hackers of other country's.
Although they need the permissions of the government and that isn't easy.
They should be tired of making American Hackers life miserable and now 
want to do the same with us.......
As we told before we had been away for a while because things were 
starting to
be pretty bad
Groups who work on the shadow
Some groups just disappear but they don't disappear trully..They start 
on the shadow because FEDS are always ready to take them down...We thought
that it would't happen that with us but sooner or later we will need to
go back to where we the shadow.
We also take this chance to show our support with people who are now
facing legal troubles, like I-L, dk, Zyklon.....Kevin and all the others 
will face them in the futureÖ gH has also our support.
Information in Portugal 
Portuguese media isn't aware of all this.... neither some admins who were 
hacked and nothing was reported....In Portugal people don't care about 
happens...They aren't aware that there are people building an underground 
Ity's just that. On CNN, ZDNET, Wired etc.. they inform what's 
In Portugal the media just doesn't give a shit....
Maybe this is the best for us since this will prevent a media hype and PJ 
and other
FEDS won't be after us so soon..but information isn't circulating as it 
People built a bad image of the "hacker". Portuguese media report 
"hackers" as being
the ones who use trojans...
Man....they arten't aware of the true meaning of the concept "hacker" 
They should think about it...
Why are we doing this?
We agree with some of the things that had been said by some groups. We 
are always hacking and for what? We hack and hack things whitch can be 
fixed in 2 minutes. In fact we could have done worse like destroying 
completely all servers. We can do it if we w
ant but hackers are waiting for justice. If FBI doesnĄt stop we wonĄt and 
we can start destroying. We think that FBI should explain what a fuck 
they are doing. For the moment we wonĄt destroy the servers we hack but 
if it is necessary we can burn alot of 
servers. For example this gov server could be erased completly.  Everyone 
should think about this, about what's happening.
Don't make all this a media hype just inform in a simple manner....people
need to know. People need to know why all this hacks. People need to know 
who FBI really is.


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