Interview: WhiteHouse Hacker 
Monday, May 10, 1999 at 18:09:16
by Kelvin Wong - AntiOnline Staff Member 


Having gained access to first, he ran a sniffer
and gained further access to

[ATTRITION staff caught up with the hacker and asked about the
details of the hack. One of them replied:

(anon) the only inaccurate thing was www2 wasn't penetrated]

Read the (now) printed and supposedly unedited chat between Wong and the
Also real nice of them to drop two of the nicknames of the attackers
after promising anonymity. When Mr. Wong was asked about the printing
of the interview and who was responsible, he replied:

(mercs) let's just say i wasn't consulted when it was printed.

   Editors Note: AntiOnline staff member Kelvin Wong viewed the
   website in its hacked state, while talking to "John Smith".
   AntiOnline was furnished logs and other materials to verify this
   individual's claims. Officials at the white house refused to comment.

[Around 2:15pm on Monday May 10, 'mercs' finished his interview
with 'John Smith'. The page was put up around 6am the same day. The
claims that he viewed the page in its hacked state are also refuted
by the hackers:

(anon) mercs saw it before it went live..
(anon) he was told about the 
       preview of what was comming @ 6am 

When Mr. Wong was asked about errors in his article, he replied:

[*] [Whois]      [mercs]
[*] address  : 
[*] ircname  : Kelvin Wong

(mercs) i did this real quick!! didn't had time to like re-read and change. 
        furthermore, i can't change it anymore@!#! stop complainning!@)#!@)(#!@
(mercs) $%)($!)(@#)@!(#@!)(
(mercs) anyway, i'm off people
(mercs) got to go to school =(
(mercs) ALRIGHT.
(mercs) since everyone is bitching at me
(mercs) i'm going to go to school
(mercs) when i'm, back..i'll fix it up
(mercs) MOTHER FUCKERS!@)#(@!#)(!@

How.. professional. In a non-exclusive interview with the attackers
(partially quoted above), one went on to say this when asked about the
antionline article:

(anon2) i don't like antionline or their ethics