Antionline commits blatant copyright violation (again).



Attrition staff were not able to get a mirror of the hack,
so as usual, we link to 'nomirror.html'. Today (05.03.99), checking the
following link:

Yielded the exact same page as:

JP and Antionline have also blatantly ripped off the Attrition format
for archiving web hacks. Take these for example:

Before Attrition adopted the format of going back to previous hacks and renaming
them with '1', we left the original. So did JP.

After that, we began to rename the original hack to keep the same
format. Here you can see JP coincidentally did the same.


JP and the Antionline staff are blatantly ripping the Attrition mirror without
giving any credit to our work.

"We reserve all of our rights to the content that we post. In other
 words, don't copy what you see on AntiOnline and stick it directly 
 up on your website."	- AntiOnline Disclaimer