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I spoke with numerous journalists and even an ethics professor on this
subject, and most said the deision was up to me -- that the ethical
obligations in both directions basically crossed each other out in the end.
Two, however, said they would do what I did -- and this was what made my
decision.  I really do feel bad about publishing our conversation, but felt
I had no choice.

In addition, I noticed that OSAll has been placed on's denied
referrer list.  Are you afraid of something we're linking to?  Such a
response is quite childish, immature and unprofessional. is
no more a threat to your site as a referrer than is -- we've
reported on the news as it happened.

OSAll has perpetrated no URL or referrer-based DoS attacks against
AntiOnline and as such shouldn't be placed on such a list.

Consider this letter open as I may decide to publish it at a later date.

Mike "Ender Wiggin" Hudack