06.02.99  IRC chat between Jericho and so1o

Who's who:
	(-[s2]-) == jericho 
	[s2(t@] == so1o

relevent portions:

[9:02am] (-[s2]-) still doing CRH?
[9:02am] [s2(t@] nah
[9:03am] [s2(t@] no time
[9:03am] [s2(t@] all work
[9:03am] [s2(t@] no play
[9:03am] (-[s2]-) yeah. ns2.co.uk right?
[9:03am] [s2(t@] yeah

[9:10am] [s2(t@] its dataprotect.com in germany
[9:10am] [s2(t@] when i first started ns2.co.uk they wanted to buy me out

(verification it is indeed so1o. CRH is "confidence remains high", his old

[9:14am] (-[s2]-) hey, question
[9:14am] (-[s2]-) ive been trying to find another MOD hack to mirror because all we have is the senate.gov one. have a url for any other sites they hit?
[9:15am] (-[s2]-) AO doesnt have their old stuff up either
[9:15am] [s2(t@] www.adidas.com was hit
[9:15am] (-[s2]-) know if anyone got the mirror?
[9:15am] [s2(t@] because the box that hosted it
[9:15am] [s2(t@] was running sunos 413_U1
[9:15am] (-[s2]-) we are up to 1100 mirrors
[9:15am] [s2(t@] with the default hosts.equiv
[9:15am] [s2(t@] with the +
[9:15am] (-[s2]-) hahaha
[9:15am] [s2(t@] so
[9:15am] [s2(t@] # su bin
[9:15am] (-[s2]-) yup
[9:15am] [s2(t@] $ rsh -l bin www.adidas.com csh -i
[9:16am] [s2(t@] no access to this tty; thus blah blah...
[9:16am] [s2(t@] %

(verification he was involved in hacking www.adidas.com, which was done by 'MOD'
 by his own admission.)

[9:18am] [s2(t@] as long as you got..
[9:18am] [s2(t@] spiceworld/janet-jackson/rolling-stones/amnesty
[9:18am] (-[s2]-) http://www.attrition.org/mirror/attrition/codezero.html
[9:18am] [s2(t@] im happy
[9:19am] [s2(t@] we did to www.infi.net
[9:19am] [s2(t@] but i lost the URL to the mirror
[9:19am] [s2(t@] oh thats right
[9:19am] (-[s2]-) hrm... i thought we mirrored that
[9:19am] [s2(t@] we also did every single index.html on columbia.digiweb.com
[9:19am] [s2(t@] that was a few thousand domains
[9:20am] [s2(t@] nope i dont got www.adidas.com
[9:20am] [s2(t@] i was like..
[9:20am] [s2(t@] 
[9:20am] [s2(t@] then the modlogo.gif [9:20am] (-[s2]-) hehehe [9:20am] [s2(t@] the same as the one on the senate [9:20am] [s2(t@] then like some M0D greets at the bottom (verification he is an active hacker, and had a role in several web defacements.)