IMPLICATION: By employing someone to create a high profile web hack, and subsequently reporting it as "breaking news," serious questions should be raised regarding AntiOnline being a "news source" by any means.
PROOF: This e-mail and article on John Vranesevich's site shows that AntiOnline considers this an exclusive report. Being exclusive, they are the only ones to directly benefit from such a story. From: Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 20:20:01 -0400 Subject: US Senate Website Hacked - AntiOnline Exclusive To: X-Sender: US Senate Website Hacked Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 19:42:37 The hacker "counter strike" continues, as the the official website of the United States Senate is defaced. =-= The official website for the United States Senate has been hacked by a group known as MOD (Masters of Downloading), to protest what they call the FBI's latest hacker witch hunt. The website was defaced at around 7:38pm EST today. The defaced site had a message from MOD to the FBI which read in part.. In an on-line interview given shortly after the attack, the MOD told AntiOnline that they accessed the senate webserver by first gaining access to another computer that was on the out skirts of the same network (using ttdb), installed sniffers, and stole the administrator's usernames and passwords as they logged into the primary server. =-= Breaking news on previous MOD events: If you have RealAudio capabilities, you can listen to some validating detailes from John Vranesevich, the reporter who broke the story about Masters of Downloading on AntiOnline. The Antionline Internet site, which focuses on computer security issues, reported that members of the group known as Masters of Downloading/2016216 contacted its staff to brag of the intrusion. AntiOnline reporter John Vranesevich said he interviewed two members of the group last week in an Internet Relay Chat and was given files they said were obtained from the classified Defense Information System Network. Vranesevich, who runs the computer security website AntiOnline, said members of MOD contacted him last week to brag about their alleged "exploit," which if as wide-ranging as they claim, could mark one of the most serious breaches of U.S. defense systems ever.