"Well, some have written me accusing me of being a flat out biggot. But, 
I think that every week I take the opportunity to rag on a different 
country, nationality, or a University of Pittsburgh employee, equally." 
-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich (JP), 3/22/99

"Ok, last year it was some dude named Kalid Ibrahim from Harkat-ul-Anser 
with his yellow rider rent-a-truck, this year it's a disgruntled 
Brazilian. BTW: it's not my fault that their president can't get head." 
-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich (JP), 3/22/99

"As for my lobby, it's hardly unkept. We have a team of migrant mexican 
workers come in weekly to vacuum and dust." 
-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich (JP), 3/22/99

"Well, when we found out that President Clinton was helping to sell 
military secrets to China, we had Mike (who's real name is Yen Ki Li Wun 
Tsai) fly back to his mother land and get us all the latest scoops." 
-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich (JP), 3/22/99

"Believe me, you'll never know the true meaning of the word "cracker" 
until you've been down there [Tennessee]." 
-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich, 5/10/99

"Your person on the street will know the word 'hacker,' but if they
hear the word 'cracker,' they may think you're a racist."
-- AntiOnline Founder John Vransevich, 5/19/98 (zdtv article)

"Hrm. Maybe you're right. Of course, I don't have any African Americans in 
that picture either. Erm, no handicapped individuals. No Chinese either. 
Maybe I'll try to have someone draw up a picture of a one legged black 
women being pushed in a wheel chair by a Shaolin Priest."
-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranasevich, 3/8/99, responding to a reader
   mentioning no females in the AO picture

"Sorry Jesse Jackson, I simply forgot about the ebonic brothers
out there. Oh well, I tried."
-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich, 5/10/99

"Ok, I'm sorry for saying bad things about Brazilians, Mexicans, One legged
black women who get pushed around in their wheelchairs by Shaolin Priests, 
and University of Pittsburgh CIS Staff Members. Well, I'm sorry about
everything except the last one...."
-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich,