AntiOnline Injustices

AntiOnline            [07.14.99]   Antionline violates COP copyright
AntiOnline            [07.01.99]   Response: PacketStorm Is Shut Down
AntiOnline            [07.02.99]   Antionline and false promises initially
AntiOnline            [06.29.99]   Antionline violates Lothos copyright
AntiOnline            [06.22.99]   Antionline violates Discovery copyright
AntiCode              [06.13.99]   AntiCode complete archive or scam?
AntiOnline            [06.02.99]   The AntiOnline MailList .. news or scam?
John Vranesevich      [06.02.99]   Antionline violates HackerNews Network Copyright 
John Vranesevich      [05.03.99]   Antionline violates Attrition Copyright (again) 
John Vranesevich      [05.03.99]   AntiSearch Comprehensive? No. Attrition leech is more like it. 
John Vranesevich      [04.26.99]   AntiOnline violates Attrition Copyright