Inside Happy Hacker, May 3, 1999

Table of Contents

* Another win in battle for Internet Freedom of speech
* Hacker wargame news: Antionline offers prizes!
* Black Helicopter sightings
* Instructions for sending viruses and Trojans


        *** Another Win in Battle for Internet Freedom of Speech

Our thanks to for providing an email list server to
manage our mailings.  It isn't easy running an email list when some of
the world's most notorious hackers are trying to shut us down.  Hurray

[It is amazing how Ms. Meinel can continually claim to know who
the most notorious hackers are. Yet media groups like Wired, CNN and the
like often quote figures like Kevin Mitnick, Kevin Poulsen, and others.
Is this to say they are trying to break into her site?]

for Antionline founder John Vranesevich and Antionline and Happy Hacker
Wargame staffer Corey Gallatin for figuring our how to keep an email
list server running under conditions of brutal, incessant attack.  They
are real heroes in our battle against those computer criminals (AKA
"hacktivists") who believe they have the right to censor the Internet.

[The term 'hacktivists' refer to individuals that deface web
sites to get a message out. These crackers do it because they feel they
aren't being heard. ie: THEY don't have the power of free speech.]

I (Carolyn Meinel) predict that Vranesevich and Gallatin will go down in
history alongside with other heroes of the battle for freedom of speech,
such as Thomas Paine, Voltaire, and Benjamin Franklin.

[1. This is the same prediction she made about Bronc years ago.
 2. "another victory"? Why is it a victory any time Ms Meinel choses a 
    new ISP for the mail list? 
 3. Notice she has to qualify "I" because she participates in the HH guides
    and newsletters so little. She tacks her name onto other people's
    work and aims for the name recognition.]


        *** Black Helicopter Sightings

You may have noticed Antionline, John Vranesevich, Happy Hacker and
Yours Truly (Carolyn Meinel) are often the subject of nasty stories
originating from a number of folks who are prominent in news stories
about hackers.  Just in case you haven't seen about how terrible we are,
you can learn about our supposed crimes and noxious behaviors at:

[They are?! Look at the libel and slander that
 that both Carolyn Meinel and John Vranasevich level at the people they
 dislike. Look at the tabloid articles AntiOnline has 
 managed to produce, all with the intent of damaging the reputations of
 people they dislike.]

People who have put in a great deal of effort trying to convince people
that I am one or more of the following: a fraud, an FBI secret
informant, someone who sells my body for crack cocaine (whooee!)

[Try? The SHAME site proves the fraud part.

* Pete Shipley (according to a recent Upside magazine story he is chief
of security for top six accounting firm Peat Marwick; his hacker gang web site is
and who reportedly was questioned by the FBI in conjunction with the
Hacking for Girliez attack on the New York Times Web site; and who runs
the dc-stuff hacker mail list (email with message
"subscribe dc-stuff")

[Once again, Ms. Meinel deliberately misquotes another media source
 for her own agenda. He is Chief Security Architect. Not Chief of Security.]

* Brian Martin, who Shipley says assists him with security projects, and
who has been raided as a suspect in the Hacking for Girliez attack on
the New York Times web site (Martin's hacker gang web site is and his computer security company is (formerly with Trident Data Systems, which serves Federal Government military and
intelligence agencies)

[1. Hacker gang? See the web site for yourself. What gang?
    There is no group, no gang, no nothing. Just various individuals using 
    the same system like any other ISP. 
 2. While with TDS, Brian worked in the commercial consulting department.]

* Chris Valor (Se7en), for a long time a close confidant of Pete
Shipley, until recently a member of Shipley's gang, and a
sometimes roommate of Brian Martin, and who was recently exposed as a
fraud who pretended to be a hacker when he knew nothing about hacking,
and who tricked the media into reporting that he was running a hacking
campaign against kiddie porn

* Michael Schiffman, recently laid off from his job with Cambridge
Technology Partners (, and co-editor with Brian
Martin of Phrack magazine (, and who at one time
negotiated with C-Net TV to defend the actions of the Hacking for
Girliez gang on one of their TV programs

[Co editor of Phrack with Brian? According to the last five or so
 issues of Phrack, Brian ONLY does the 'news' section. This is because of his
 ISN list (which Carolyn subscribes to). The ISN list provides the perfect outlet
 for Phrack News. Brian has no editor ability other than the news section.
 In fact, looking at Phrack Issue #53, Brian's article on "practical sendmail
 routing" was lumped in with the rest of Line Noise (reader feedback).

* Modify (real name unknown, but he tells people he is Craig Whitmore),
who represented himself as Se7en's partner in their media hoax about
being a team of anti-kiddie porn hacker vigilantes, and who is a member
of Martin's gang

[Blatant libel. At no point has Modify *ever* claimed to be se7en's 
 partner. Modify has never work se7en on any projects, and last I checked,
 doesn't care for him. Notice how there is NO reference to these claims?]

These four hacker media icons have something truly surprising in common.
John Vranesevich reports (

[The article that was ghost written by Carolyn Meinel. Brian Martin
 accurately predicted that she would later quote this article acting as
 if it was really written by someone else. You can see quite clearly these
 are the same delusional rantings Meinel posed to Bronc Buster in mail
 months earlier.]

In 1996, the self proclaimed "subversives
expert" Fred Villella began forming a team of
hackers through "New Dimensions
International", a company which he is currently
the president of. As of this year, Villella's team
of hackers have included: Pete Shipley, Michael
Schiffman, "Christian Valor", "Craig Whitmore",
and Brian Martin. These individuals have
arguably been the biggest names in the hacker
culture, the true "head of the hacker hierarchy".


HOWEVER, if you want to be safe, I recommend that you unsubscribe from
any hacker mail lists -- ESPECIALLY Shipley's dc-stuff, Schiffman's
Phrack, and our Happy Hacker list, and resubscribe under an email
address that is hard to trace.  Examples of free, hard to trace email
accounts may be found at and  When surfing hacker
web sites, you may keep your identity secret by using or
try the experimental service

[These 'hard to trace' services are the ones that often put an
 'x-originating-ip' address.]

True, you still can be tracked down if the black helicopter set is
willing and able to set up sniffers or carry out search warrants to get
access logs from your anonymous mail and web surfing servers.  But at
least this way you will force the US Federal government to have to work
hard to violate your constitutional rights.

To unsubscribe from the Happy Hacker list, email
with message "unsubscribe hh".  


I don't believe that Hacking for Girliez hit the New York Times Web site
as a federally-funded (through Villella) retaliation for the Times
providing downloads of the Starr report.  It probably was a coincidence
that this happened on what was shaping up to be the busiest day in that
Web site's history, what with all those people rushing to download the
just-released Starr report on the Monica Lewinsky's salacious details of
her interactions with President Clinton.  There is no way the Clinton
administration would make the same mistake that President Nixon made
when he hired people to burglarize the Watergate headquarters of the
Democratic Party.

[Why does she think this? Because according to what she told John
 Vranasevich, as he says in this IRC Log, Carolyn has known exactly who
 HFG is. She is apparently in league with them as they claimed on their
 hacked pages.]


Thanks to several volunteers, we now have an in-depth dossier on
Villella and his associates.  I would publicly credit the people who
have been helping with this research, except that Villella is
threatening to bring lawsuits against anyone who goes public with
stories about him.  Anyone who does want public credit, let me know and
you, too can hear from Mr. Black Helicopter himself!

[Read: She would like to thank those harassing and stalking those
 who she dislikes. I would guess that Mr. Villella (if he is threatening
 a lawsuit at all) is doing so beacuse of the outright LIBEL and SLANDER
 being leveled against him.]

Also, there is a possibility that some of Villella's contractors may
commit computer crime against people who ire them, as suggested by news
stories about Hacking for Girliez suspects who are Villella contractors.
So don't identify yourself as having any involvement in our research
project unless you are prepared for massive computer crime attempts.

[Notice Meinel suggests these people will attempt to hack you, yet she
 is obviously guilty of assissting others hack and *delete* servers of people
 she doesn't care for. Need proof?]


I will be using this information in my upcoming book "Hacker Wars."
Find something significant and you win an autographed copy.  If you are
willing to face attacks by Federal contractors and computer criminals, I
will credit you by name or handle in the book.

Again, let me emphasize that I am not making any accusations against
Villella.  Other people, such as reporters at the New York Times,
Washington Post, and the Nation, and a Congressional Committee headed by
Al Gore, are the ones who made these accusations.  Villella briefly
posted something at his web site saying that he has been exonerated of
all accusations made by Al Gore's former Congressional Committee against
him; that he was the victim of a vast, politically motivated conspiracy.

[She doesn't accuse Mr Villella? Her mail to Bronc and her ghost written
 article under John Vranasevich's name says otherwise.]