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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 12:19:28 PDT
Subject: Things that make you go Hmmmm.  Re: and now a shameless plug

Check out the Tuscon L-5 Society homepage for further info on her role 
in the L-5 founding.  Surprise.  It was all based on the work of another 
individual.  This is what I have alluded to in some of my messages.

Here's an excerpt:

The two prior organizations resulted from the work of two great space 
pioneers: Wernher von Braun in the case of the National Space Institute, 
and Professor Gerard K. O'Neill in the case of the L-5 Society. Although 
O'Neill himself was not involved in its leadership, the L-5 Society was 
founded around his ideas and from his mailing list. 

And later:

Between 1969 and 1974, O'Neill worked out some of the technical details, 
mostly by himself. By late 1974, O'Neill had linked his ideas with Peter 
Glaser's Solar Power Satellite (SPS) concept. SPS's are large solar 
collectors in space that would beam energy for use on Earth or in space. 
O'Neill suggested that they be manufactured out of nonterrestrial 
material, providing an export product potentially valuable enough to 
make an O'Neill settlement economically self-sustaining. 

And her involvement:

O'Neill's first published paper on the subject, "The Colonization of 
Space," appeared in the journal Physics Today in September, 1974. A 
number of people who later became leaders of the L-5 Society got their 
first exposure to the idea from this article. Among these were a couple 
from Tucson, Arizona, named Keith and Carolyn Henson. The Hensons 
corresponded with O'Neill and were invited to present a paper on "Closed 
Ecosystems of High Agricultural Yield" at the 1975 Princeton Conference 
on Space Manufacturing Facilities, which was organized by O'Neill. A 
sign-up sheet at the conference eventually made its way to the Hensons, 
who also obtained O'Neill's mailing list. The Hensons incorporated the 
L-5 Society in August of 1975, and sent its first newsletter to those 
two lists. The L-5 Society started out as a shoestring operation in the 
back of the Henson's small electronics company in Tucson. 

Notice a pattern here?  Any similarity to other events?  A common modus