Carolyn P. Meinel Hall of Shame
Hacking Guide Errata

>Vol. 3 Number 1
>How to protect yourself from email bombs!

>I was able to fix my problem within a few minutes of discovery. Xchaotic had
>subscribed all these lists to my address But I use my
>private domain,, to receive email. Then I pipe all this from
>my nameserver at Highway Technologies to whatever account I find useful at
>the time. So all I had to do was go to the Highway Technologies Web site and
>configure my mail server to pipe email to another account. 

So you have all this junk mail forwarding from one account to the other...
that doesn't tell how you defeated it. It suggests you were effectively

>If angry johnny had email bombed, I would have piped
>all that crud to dev/null and requested that my correspondents email to


>Warning -- this technique -- every technique we cover here -- will still
>cause you to lose some email. But I figure, why get obsessive over it?

Consistancy Alert! On your list that you didn't lose any mail, and that 
you could effectively defeat any mail bomb in such a manner.

>According to a study by a major paging company, a significant percentage of

Wanna quote the source of that report? Over 99.9% of my mail gets where
it is intended to, and the ones that don't provide a lovely message
saying as much.

>A note of thanks goes to Damien Sorder ( for his
>assistance in reviewing this guide.