Carolyn P. Meinel Hall of Shame
Hacking Guide Errata

> Vol. 2 Number 2

> Newbie note: Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) and Point-to-Point
> Protocol (PPP) connections give you a temporary Internet Protocol (IP)
> address that allows you to be hooked directly to the Internet. You have to
> use either SLIP or PPP connections to get to use a Web browser that gives
> you pictures instead on text only. So if you can see pictures on the Web,
> you already have one of these available to you.

I use SLIP with my permanant (not temporary) IP address. Be thorough.
Why don't you explain the difference between static and dynamic connections
so you don't confuse these people?

>        The three primary variations of Unix that run on PCs are Sun's
>Solaris, FreeBSD and Linux. Solaris costs around $700. Enough said. FreeBSD

Sorry to be so picky, but it is Solaris x86 ... quite different than just
'Solaris'. You also didn't mention NetBSD, OpenBSD, or Minix among others.

>        Now if you don't mind getting flamed, you may want to post questions
> to the amazing number of Usenet news groups that cover Linux. These include:

Typically, if you ask intelligent questions, you won't get flamed.

Intelligent questions outlining how you honestly and whole-heartedly 
tried to first find the answer yourself, and then asking it intelligently 
and profesionally. People tend to take you more seriously this way, 
instead of flaming you, because so many try to pass off the work they 
should be doing for others to do for them.