Carolyn P. Meinel Hall of Shame
Hacking Guide Errata

>Vol. 1 Number 2

>Heroic Hacking in Half an Hour

>Newbie note #1; A shell account is an Internet account that lets you give
>Unix commands. Unix is a lot like DOS. You get a prompt on your screen and
>type out commands. Unix is the language of the Internet. If you want to be
>a serious hacker, you have to learn Unix.

This may be simple semantics over words, but I think this needs to be
pointed out. The only thing that DOS and Unix have in common is they
both have command line environments.

Unix is not the language of the Internet. TCP/IP would be a much better
analogy as the language of the net as it is the underlying protocol
that allows Internet-connected systems to speak to each other. This
also pvodies a method for a wide variety of Operating Systems to be

>But there is phun in that port 25. Incredible phun. You see, whenever you
>telnet to a computer's port 25, you will get one of two results: once in
>awhile, a message saying "access denied" as you hit a firewall. But, more

Firewalls do not issue messages that say you were denied. They simply
do not allow the connection to be made, and your client software will
give you an error message. "access denied" is not usually one of them.
Depending on the software, version, platform, and more.. that will dictate
what kind of error message (if any) you see.

>Evil Genius Tip: incoming email is handled by port 110. Try telnetting there
>someday. But usually POP, the program running on 110, won't give you help
>with its commands and boots you off the minute you make a misstep.

Incoming email is not handled by port 110. Incoming mail to the system is
done via port 25. Port 110 is for your POP client to connect to in order
for the user to retrieve their mail from the system.

>        Received: from by   (8.7.3/1.31)
>        id MAA23472; Thu, 11 Jul 1996 12:49:56  0700 (PDT)

>Look at the three "received" messages.. My ISP's computer received this email
>not directly from but from, which in
>turn got the email from Remarque. 

Received: from