Carolyn P. Meinel Hall of Shame

"That bitch calls me every single fucking day. That chick is nuts. I'm
 afraid to even answer my phone anymore."
                        - Washington, D.C. FBI Agent Mike Bellis
                          talking about Carolyn Meinel, as quoted
                          to se7en.

"Pete and Sinster are planning to set off an EMP bomb in the main casino
 to divert everyone's attention away from Defcon, and then Cyber and se7en
 are going to shoot me." Based on her comment made via phone around Defcon
 to the Washington, D.C. FBI, they called over to their agents at Defcon
 and had them question all of us just to make sure we weren't planning on
 doing all of this."    
			- Carolyn talking to FBI agent about DC5

Carolyn:    "You can hack anything. You can hack your appliances."
Krystalia:  "So wait.. you're saying you hack your toaster?"
Carolyn:    "Well, yes..."

Jericho:  "Everyone bring squirt guns and we'll squirt her everytime
           she says something stupid"
Unknown:  "Why not just get a fire hose?  It'll save time."

"She even tries to manipulates her children. Bizarre." 
			- Anon

"My mother accused me of being (a) amoral, (b) attempting to manipulate
 her, (c) being in league with criminals, (d) making her look desperate,
 (e) in danger of being sucked into the criminal underworld by (presumably
 more intelligent than I am) unnamed parties.  Needless to say, we are not
			- Family member

"Anyway, thanks for proving that you are vastly more reasonable than
 Carolyn. :) See ya around."    
			- Family member   (directed towards Jericho)

"I am really very tired of people taking shots at me and Winn for
 some idiot in New Mexico who could not hack her way out of a paper bag."
                        - Betty O'Hearn  "Ms Infowar"

"And I urge you to continue. At one time I thought she might be
 a positive force, helping the public understand the real nature
 of hacking. I was wrong. She is deliberately fostering panic and
 paranoia for her own aggradizement. The sooner she is exposed,
 the better. Or to put it another way 'It is better to light a lamp,
 than curse the darkness.'"
  			- anon

"Your friend Carolyn Minell called today.  She's a real bitch. I told her
 that and hung up on her when she refused to not interupt me. 
			- dave denney

"Obviously then you are not working with the guy who has been sniffing my
 email:):):) Ask Will Spencer to introduce you to Chris Goggans."
			- Carolyn Meinel (Delusions of grandeur)

"My brother and I used to try to derail a train over and over
 again. We didn't know any better."             - carolyn meinel @ DC5

From: Haxorchick (
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 18:07:05 EST

Excuse me, but I rather doubt that has been hacked recently. Since
Aug. 1997 I have only had shell accounts on Jesse's box, which had too small a
pipe to to hacking from, and

			- Carolyn.. open mouth, insert foot.

"I also learned, via the dc-stuff list, that she was more hated
 than vaginal itch."                            - simunye
                                                (about Carolyn Meinel)

"Learning the intricacies of computers and hacking from The Happy Hacker 
 is like learning martial arts from playing Mortal Kombat."
						- Byron

"We were accomplished pyromaniacs, we were always going out in the desert
 and setting things off. Mostly just bombs."  - Carolyn

"We were worried about things getting very, very BORING if we stuck around
 on this planet too long."  - Carolyn  (explains why she started HH :)

"Space would be a land of milk and honey; or french fries and
 rabbitburgers" - Carolyn

"Dis.Org's propensity for casual violence is little different from that of
 any street gang." - Carolyn Meinel