I realised that, at that point of time, at least in India, there were no books on hacking.

At the top end you have players like Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers, who charge an exorbitant amount of money and not their specialty. They do other sorts of consulting, and as an extra freebie they do security consulting as well. At the other end, you have a few small companies here and there, who donít give the quality and the efficiency thatís actually required in the industry. So between these two types of companies there is a huge gap, which I am trying to fill.

Q: But the criminal/s might be in some remote part of the world. How will you trace them?

A: By using techniques like Soft well and Fire Wall, one can detect the IP addresses of the miscreants and filter them out. After this they can no longer access to that particular website.

NOTE: This feature or trick has been tested on a system running Netscape Enterprise with Port 8088 open. It may or may no work with other Operating systems.

The Traceroute tool can be considered to be a part of the ICMP protocol as it makes use of mainly this protocol.

The David Copperfield of Computer Security and New York Times Bestselling Author

Since then Fadia has been involved in numerous classified projects pertaining to International Security and Computer Networks. He handles the Asia Operations of the classified intelligence agency.

Fadia is also regularly invited by BBC Radio World News, London to share the latest updates on virus outbreaks, loopholes and cyber crime trends.

Defacing Websites Part I: A Step by Step Process

"The defacing process in this manual requires for the Port 21 or the FTP port of the target system to be open and allowing anonymous logins. [..] Once the attacker knows which directory stores the web pages of the target system then he can easily edit their pages or even replace their entire site with his own.."

Ethical hackers, who also go by names such as white hackers, white knights or sneakers

Yes, many of the Perl tutorials and Hacking tutorials that I have posted on the web, do contain certain tiny mistakes. However, most of them have been put on purpose, while others are mistakes on my own part.

..and New York Times Bestselling Author

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"The Love Bug has hit almost 10 billion users within less than a week of its existence." -- Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking

"When I got my first book published at the age of 14, the concept of 'good hacking' in those days did not exist." - Ankit Fadia, Economic Times Mumbai 2011-01-04 (in 1999? wrong)

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