Ankit Fadia's Web Site Compromised, Data Leaked

Tue Jan 10 17:23:02 CST 2012

In the last day or two, Ankit Fadia's web site was compromised by a group called Teamgreyhat (TGH). In a release posted to pastebin by the group, they call out Fadia for offering his own ethical hacking certification (AFCEH) while mocking him for his "tight" security. Based on the release, Fadia employed the help of someone more familiar with Linux who removed many native commands as a method of security.

On the Voice of Grey Hat news site, screenshots from the compromise are displayed showing that full access to Fadia's system was obtained, including the backend database. This database appears to include information about the Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker (AFCEH) students who have completed certification. It is not clear what information was held in this database, but a separate Excel spreadsheet exposed that includes student names and city is still available on Fadia's site.

The author of an article on about the incident says that he has contacted Fadia for a statement, but no reply yet.

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